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True Master
Birth name Derek Harris
Genres Hip hop
Occupations Record producer, hip hop artist
Associated acts Wu-Tang Clan, Wu-Elements, Gang Starr, Gang Starr Foundation

True Master (born Derek Harris) is an American hip-hop producer and very occasional rapper. He is closely affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan and an original member of its production team, sometimes referred to as Wu-Elements. He derives his rap nom de plume from the martial arts movie of the same name. His production company is called Persian Legacy.



After starting as an associate of Guru of Gang Starr (he made a rare rapping appearance on Guru's Jazzmatazz, Vol. 2 project and his only released solo track ever, "Who's The Truest" appeared on a Guru sampler CD which also included "Hi-Energy", a song he produced for Fabidden), True Master joined up with the Wu-Tang and was mentored by RZA before gradually increasing his profile with standout tracks on Wu-Tang albums ("Brooklyn Zoo", "Heaterz", "Fish"). He was to become extremely prolific and a crucial member of the Wu-Tang production crew during its busy 1997–2000 period. Much like Mathematics, he has generally adhered to the traditional Wu-Tang sound, while the group's original main producer RZA ventured into cleaner, "Digital" territory with a limited use of samples and the inclusion of synthesizers and live instrumentation. True Master briefly tried his hand at more compositional keyboard-based productions in lieu of his signature sample-based style on the Gravediggaz album Nightmare in A Minor. He is current working on his debut album "Master Craftsman" that will feature Wu Tang members and Killa beez.

Production credits


04. "Brooklyn Zoo" (Co-produced with Ol' Dirty Bastard)
  • Guru - Jazzmatazz, Vol. 2: The New Reality (July 18, 1995)
04. Looking Through Darkness (featuring Mica Paris) (Produced by True Master and co-produced by Guru)
  • Guru presents Ill Kid Records (1995)
07. True Master - "Who's the Truest"
09. Fabidden - "Hi Energy"


09. "Fish" (featuring Cappadonna and Raekwon)
04. Method Man and Ricky Watters - "It's In The Game"


  • Various artists - Rhyme & Reason (soundtrack) (January 14, 1997)
07. The RZA - "Tragedy" (Produced by True Master and co-produced by RZA)
2-11. "Long Kiss Goodnight" (Unconfirmed)
It is rumored that "Long Kiss Goodnight" was produced by True Master but credited to RZA because he was a more well-known producer with greater commercial appeal.
2-09. "The M.G.M."
2-13. "Heaterz" (featuring Cappadonna)
03. "Da Bomb"
08. "Pit of Snakes" (Produced by True Master and co-produced by RZA)
12. "Hidden Emotions" (featuring True Master)


01. "Slang Editorial"
05. "Supa Ninjaz" (featuring U-God and Method Man)
07. "Splish Splash"
09. "Milk the Cow" (featuring Method Man)
10. "South of the Border" (Unconfirmed)
This is unconfirmed since the production credits were given to True Master but the writing credits were given to RZA.
12. "Dart Throwing" (featuring Raekwon and Method Man)
02. "One Step" (featuring Tekitha)
05. "Cross My Heart" (featuring Inspectah Deck and GZA)
11. "If You Don't Know" (featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard)
04. "Flaming Swords"
11. "Collaboration '98" (featuring True Master and Method Man)
14. "For The Lust of Money/The Grandz"
17. "Next Up" (featuring Method Man)
18. "Intellectuals" (featuring Raekwon and U-God)
  • Method Man - Tical 2000: Judgement Day (November 17, 1998)
04. "Dangerous Grounds" (featuring Street Life)
06. "Sweet Love" (featuring Cappadonna and Street Life)
08. "Torture"
16. "Party Crasher" (Unconfirmed)
The version of this song that appears on the album is actually a remix by RZA. True Master provided the original beat, but it was later replaced. In an interview, Method Man expressed his wish to have the album released with the original True Master beat once all the copies of the first retail pressings were sold. The full instrumental of the original version of "Party Crasher" is available on a white label release of instrumentals from Tical 2000: Judgement Day.
17. "Grid Iron Rap" (featuring Street Life)
23. "Killin' Fields" (featuring Cho-Flo)


12. "All In Together Now"
08. "Longevity" (featuring U-God)
11. "Lovin' You" (featuring La the Darkman)
13. "R.E.C. Room"
It is rumored that this track was produced by RZA but production credit was given to True Master instead because the sample was from his collection.
  • Inspectah Deck - Uncontrolled Substance outtake
  • "Nightshift"
02. "Turbulence"
04. "Dat's Gangsta"
07. "Rumble" (featuring Leatha Face, Inspectah Deck and Method Man)


05. Wu-Tang Clan - "The Abduction"
04. "Big Acts, Little Acts" (featuring GZA)


  • Various artists - Oz (soundtrack) (January 9, 2001)
03. Wu-Tang Clan - "What You In Fo'"
02. "Super Model" (featuring Ghostface Killah)
03. "Burn Baby Burn"
14. "Man Only Fears" (featuring ShoGun Assasson)
19. "Nightmare In A-Minor" (featuring 4th Disciple and Beretta 9)
08. Inspectah Deck, Leatha Face and U-God - "Rumble"
10. Leatha Face and U-God - "To The Rescue"
09. "La Rhumba" (featuring Method Man, Killa Sin and Beretta 9)
07. "Ya'll Been Warned"


16. "Dangerous Language" (featuring RZA)
18. "Till It's Gone"


11. "Slang Killaz" (featuring Killarmy)
05. "Fast Cars" (featuring Ghostface Killah)


02. "Biscuits" (featuring Trife)
09. "Secret Rivals" (featuring Killah Priest and Method Man)
13. "Queen"
15. "Silverbacks" (featuring Inspectah Deck and GZA)


12. "You Know What" (featuring Louis Farrakhan)


12. "Damascus"


3. "Alphabets"


  • Unreleased
Raekwon - "Olympus"

Appearances as a rapper


  • Guru - Jazzmatazz, Vol. 2: The New Reality (July 18, 1995)
08. "Medicine" (featuring Ini Kamoze and True Master)
  • Guru presents Ill Kid Records (1995)
07. True Master - "Who's the Truest"


12. "Hidden Emotions" (featuring True Master)


11. "Collaboration '98" (featuring True Master and Method Man)


  • RZA - Afro Samurai OST
15. "Take Sword Part II" (featuring 60 Second Assassin)


10. "Columbian Ties" (featuring True Master)

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