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TRUNK (Fr. tronc, Lat. truncus, cut off, maimed), properly the main stem of a tree from which the branches spring, especially the stem when stripped of the branches; hence, in a transferred sense, the main part of a human or animal body without the head, arms or legs. It is from this last sense that the term "trunk-hose" is derived. These were part of the typical male costume of the 16th century, consisting of a pair of large puffed and slashed over-hose, reaching from the waist to the middle of the thigh, the legs clad in the long hose being thrust through them; the upper part of the body was covered by the jerkin or jacket reaching to the thigh (see Costume). The word "trunk" as applied to the elongated proboscis of the elephant is due to a mistaken confusion of French trompe, trump, with "trunk" meaning the hollow stem of a tree. A somewhat obscure meaning of French tronc, i.e. an alms-box, has given rise to the general use of "trunk" for a form of travellers' luggage.

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Trunk m. (genitive Trunks or Trunkes, plural Tr√ľnke)

  1. (archaic) drink

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Simple English

Trunk may be:

The English Wiktionary has a dictionary definition (meanings of a word) for:
  • The nose of an elephant.
  • Trunk (botany), the main part of a tree.
  • Torso, a term for the human body without the head and limbs.
  • Trunk (luggage), a large case.
  • Trunk (automobile), a compartment on a car used for storage in American English, called a boot in British English.
  • Trunk (motorcycle), a case mounted above and behind a motorcycle seat, or the space under the seat
  • Trunk (telecommunications) has a number of closely related meanings.
  • Trunk (software)
  • Trunk build, the section for current development of software using version control

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