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A male wearing Calvin Klein briefs (center) and two males wearing trunks

Trunks are a type of men's swimwear and underpants style. They resemble boxer shorts or boxer briefs and cover from the waist to the mid-upper leg.

As swimwear, trunks are normally shorter than boardshorts, which extend to the knees. Trunks are the most popular type of male swimsuit in North America. They vary in style and design, though most are made of nylon with a mesh lining for quick drying.

Trunks as men's underpants are similar to boxer shorts and made in modern and traditional styles. Like boxer shorts, trunks cover the mid-section of the body (hence the name "trunk"). The modern styles are usually form-fitting like briefs, but some styles, such as the original traditional ones which date back to the 1930's are loose fitting like boxer shorts.These are invariably made in white only from material used for vests and have considerably declined in popularity. Trunk briefs extend over the legs like boxer shorts. Trunk briefs have a shorter inseam than regular boxer briefs, covering only the upper thighs and resting below the true waist.

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