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A try is a scrimmage down which is neither timed nor numbered, awarded to a team which has just scored a 6 point touchdown, from close to their opponent's goal line (2-yard line in the NFL, 3 yard line NCAA & NFHS, 5 yard line CFL and CIS). The try allows either team to score an additional 1 or 2 points. Some rule codes call for the ball to become dead if the defense gains possession, making it almost impossible for the defense to score a 2 point touchdown.

Also called "try-for-point", "conversion", "convert" (Canadian), "extra point(s)", "point(s) after (touchdown)" or PAT.

The try is named after the rugby score of the same name.

Point values for a try (most leagues)

Special cases

  • Six-man football: field goal is 2 points and touchdown is 1.
  • AFL-NFL interleague preseason (1968), World Football League (1974-75) and XFL (February-April 2001): touchdown is 1 point, field goals are not allowed.
  • XFL (late April 2001): touchdown from 3 yard line is 1 point, from 5 yard line is 2 points, from 10 yard line is 3 points. Field goals are not allowed.
  • Arena football: same as other leagues except drop kick field goal is also worth 2 points.
  • Certain leagues in midget football: run touchdown is 1 point, forward pass touchdown is 2 points, field goal is 2 points.
  • New USFL (2010): touchdown from 3 yard line is 2 points, from 10 yard line is 3 points. Field goal is 1 point.

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