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TsAGI is a transliteration of the Russian abbreviation for Центра́льный аэрогидродинами́ческий институ́т (ЦАГИ) or "Tsentralniy Aerogidrodinamicheskiy Institut", the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute. It was founded in Moscow by the pioneer of Russian aviation, Nikolai Yegorovich Zhukovsky on December 1, 1918 in Moscow.

In 1935 TsAGI was relocated (although not completely) to the city of Zhukovsky, Moscow Oblast. The Moscow branch of the institute is currently known as MAGI, or Moscow complex of TsAGI.

In 1965 under TsAGI there was established an Aeromechanics faculty of MIPT that has been preparing young specialists able to solve coplex problems in the aircraft industry.

The department was established in 1965 for preparing young specialists able to solve coplex problems in the aircraft industry under the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TSAGI) in Zhukovsky city.

Among its latest developments are the rocket Energiya and the Space Shuttle Buran.


Notable engineers


As of August 2006 the following aircraft is registered to TsAGI:


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