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Tsetska Tsacheva Dangovska (Bulgarian: Цецка Цачева Данговска; born 24 May 1958) is a Bulgarian jurist and GERB politician who is currently the Chairwoman of the National Assembly of Bulgaria.[1] Tsetska Tsacheva is the first woman to ever chair the National Assembly of Bulgaria since its establishment in 1878.[2][3]

Tsacheva was born in the village of Dragana in Ugarchin Municipality, Lovech Province. She finished the Pleven High School of Mathematics in 1976 and graduated in law from Sofia University.[3] Until the democratic changes in 1989, Tsacheva was a member of the Bulgarian Communist Party, though she quit promptly after the fall of the People's Republic of Bulgaria.[4] A member of the Pleven Bar Association, she practised as a lawyer and was subsequently a head legal advisor to the Pleven Municipality for seven and a half years until 2007.[3] In 2007, she joined the Pleven Municipal Council as a member of Boyko Borisov's party GERB.[5][6] Tsacheva was GERB's candidate for mayor of Pleven in 2007, but she only came third as Nayden Zelenogorski of the Union of the Democratic Forces won his third term in the first round. Tsacheva was also behind the Bulgarian Socialist Party's Vasil Antonov in that election.[4]

In the 2009 Bulgarian parliamentary election, Tsacheva headed GERB's voting list in Pleven Province and was also the party's proportional candidate for that constituency. She won the proportional elections in Pleven Province with 36.92%, or 54,880 votes.[7] After her party's decisive electoral victory, she was selected as GERB's candidate for Chairwoman of the National Assembly of Bulgaria and was unanimously elected to that post by 227 votes out of 240 and no votes against.[2]

Tsacheva is married to the architect Rumen Dangovski and has a son, also named Rumen, who is a high school student in Sofia.[4]


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