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Tsikoudia (τσικουδιά) or raki (ρακή) is a grape-based spirit from the island of Crete in Greece, very similar to tsipouro, made from the distillation of pomace, i.e., the pieces of grapes (including the stems and seeds) that were pressed for the winemaking process. The pomace is kept for about six weeks after the grapes have been pressed, in a tightly-sealed barrel, and then the fermented mush is distilled. It is a pomace brandy comparable to an Italian grappa, Spanish Aguardiente and Portuguese Aguardente, or French marc. Although it carries a strong taste, its alcohol content usually runs at about 34 percent for name brand. It is often home-produced by individuals in villages throughout Crete, and so the alcohol content can range from 60-90 percent. Each village will have one or two villagers who are licensed to distill, and for two or three weeks in late October / early November, the village stills produce the raki.

This is commonly offered as an after dinner digestive. Indeed in many taverns it is usually offered, 'on the house', free of charge in combination with fruits and sweets after the meal.

It can be flavored using lemon rind, or rosemary, or honey.

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