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Tsuki wa Higashi ni Hi wa Nishi ni: Operation Sanctuary
Hanihani Operation Sanctuary English demo insani onscripter linux title.png
Title from the demo version translated by
(The Moon in the East, The Sun in the West - Operation Sanctuary)
Genre Romance,Comedy,Science Fiction
Developer August
Platform Windows, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2
TV anime
Director Mitsuhiro Tōgō, Shousei Jinno
Studio Radix
Network AT-X
Original run June 30, 2004September 22, 2004
Episodes 13
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Tsuki wa Higashi ni Hi wa Nishi ni: Operation Sanctuary (月は東に日は西に -Operation Sanctuary- The Moon in the East, The Sun in the West -Operation Sanctuary- ?) is a Japanese eroge by August released in 2003 for Windows. It is known in short as Hanihani (はにはに ?). The Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 versions were released by Alchemist in 2004. An anime adaptation was shown in Japan during summer 2004. The title references a haiku by Yosa Buson: "Nanohana ya tsuki wa higashi ni hi wa nishi ni."

The PC version of the game was created using the NScripter visual novel engine.



  • Naoki Kuzumi–Protagonist of this title. He lost his parents and memory 5 years ago due to a certain accident. In the end, he and Honami got married.
  • Mikoto Amagasaki–A girl who has fallen from the sky. Naoki thinks its a day dream. Mikoto is from the future, 100 years later.
  • Honami Fujieda–Naoki's childhood friend. She has been taking care of him before he lost his parents and the end she and Naoki got married
  • Matsuri Shibugaki–Naoki's cousin. She and her parents have been living with him for 5 years. She is quite close to Chihiro.
  • Chihiro Tachibana–Matsuri's best friend and her classmate. She becomes a member of the garden club alone.
  • Yui Nonohara–Naoki's homeroom teacher. Because her height is very low, students love her. Yui, like Mikoto, is from the future, 100 years later.
  • Kyouko Nishina–Young female nurse of school. She is Yui's best friend. Like Mikoto and Yui, she is also from the future, 100 years later.
  • Fumio Akiyama–Naoki's class representative. And she is also a superintendent of the student dormitory.
  • Yusuke Amagasaki–Mikoto's brother who became separation and looked much like Naoki.
  • Koji Hirose–Naoki's best friend. He is aiming at rebuilding an astronomical club that Naoki belongs to.
  • Yuka Hirose–Additional character of consumer version. Koji's younger sister.
  • Genzou Shibugaki–Matsuri's father. He works at a certain trading company and he is very busy. Naoki calls him "Oyaji(Dad)".
  • Eri Shibugaki–Matsuri's mother. She works at the company that Genzou works at and she is also very busy. Naoki calls her "Eri-san".
  • Jun'ichi Fukano–Mathematics teacher. He teaches students strictly, but in fact, he loves them.
  • Rei Usami–Chief director of the school. She rarely shows up in front of students. She is also from the future, 100 years later


In-game screenshot from the demo version translated by


  • Character design: Bekkanko
  • Scenario: Taku Sakakibara, Hiroyuki Uchida, Hideaki Anzai
  • Music: LOOPCUBE
    • Opening: divergent flow
    •  :Lyrics: H/de.
    •  :Music: Hiroki
    •  :Vocal: Mayu
    • Ending: Asu no Omoide (Memories of Tomorrow)
    •  :Lyrics: H/de.
    •  :Music: Hiroki
    •  :Vocal: Mayu


  • General director: Mitsuhiro Tōgō
  • Director: Shousei Jinno
  • Character design: Norikatsu Nakano
  • General key animation director: Norikatsu Nakano
  • Art director: Shinji Katahira
  • Scenario: Kazuharu Satō, Tsutomu Kaneko
  • Music: Akufumi Tada
    • Opening: amulet
    •  :Lyrics: a.k.a.dRESS
    •  :Music: a.k.a.dRESS
    •  :Vocal: Mayumi Iizuka
  • Animation production: RADIX

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