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Nāga (snake) stone worship at Hampi

The Dynasty is the third Hindu dynasty which ruled Vijayanagara empire. The Dynasty was founded by chieftain Bunts who originally ruled southern parts of coastal Karnataka also called Tulu Nadu[1]. The dynasty gained the name "Tuluva" because they belonged to the Tulu speaking region of Tulu Nadu and their mother tongue was the ancient "Tulu" language which still survives and is the Lingua franca of coastal karnataka and northern parts of kerala.They came to power after the Saluva Dynasty. The Tuluva Dynasty were one of the most powerful dynasty of the Vijayanagara Empire of Southern India.They belonged to the Nagavanshi kshatriya order of lineage.nagavanshis worship NagarajaVasuki as their family deity and are also known as the Serpent Dynasty The Vijayanagar empire attained it greatest glory during this period and their most famous king was Krishna Deva Raya.Their reign consisted of five emperors from 1491 till 1570 .They ruled almost the entire South India with Vijayanagara as their capital.With the fall of the Tuluva dynasty Vijayanagara Empire began to disintegrate and finally perished ino the realms of history

The five Tuluva emperors were

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