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Toumanishvili hereditary Coat of Arms

Toumanishvili or Tumaniani, later Toumanov or Toumanoff (Georgian თუმანიშვილი Russian Туманишви́ли,Тума́новы)– is an ancient Georgian princely family of Armeno-Georgian origin.[1] According to written records, the family has its roots in the ancient noble dynasty of the Mamikonids, which existed as far back as the III century AD.

In the XII - XIII centuries c.e. the family ruled over a territory centering on Dsegh, the descendants of this branch of the family resettled to Georgia in the XV century and adopted the last name Toumanishvili. They were acknowledged by the czars of Georgia as of knyaz rank, and received the hereditary profession of being the czar's mdivanbeg (a sort of vizier or advisor).

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