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Turkish republic (Turkish: Türk cumhuriyeti) is a phrase which refers to republics of Turks or Turkic peoples. It is also the misuse of the phrase Republic of Turkey. However, the phrase Turkish Republic does not mean Türkiye Cumhuriyeti, but means Türk Cumhuriyeti which is not a proper translation of the name of the Republic of Turkey. Moreover, the name Turkish Republic may also refer to other Turkic states, inter alia, including Azerbaijan or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus which is recognized only by Turkey. For instance, the Republic of Gumuljina was one of the very first Turkish republics in the world history.

It should be taken into consideration that the Eurasian state that stretches across the Anatolian peninsula in western Asia and Thrace (Rumelia) in the Balkan region of southeastern Europe, which is the successor of the Ottoman Empire, is one of the Turkish republics which is called "the Republic of Turkey" or "Turkey." However, its name is not "the Turkish republic."


Independent states

De facto independent states

Autonomous Turkic republics in Russia


  1. ^ Recognized only by Turkey, see Cyprus dispute.


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Turkish Republic

  1. a phrase which refers to republics of Turks or Turkic peoples.


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