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Turned A (capital: , lowercase: ɐ or ɒ) is a letter of the Latin alphabet based upon the letter A. It is not, nor has it ever been, used in any natural languages as a letter in its own right.

Lowercase ɐ (in two story form) is used in the International Phonetic Alphabet to identify the near-open central vowel. A variant, turned alpha, ɒ, is also used in the IPA as the open back rounded vowel.

It has been used in the 18th century by Edward Lhuyd and William Pryce as phonetic character for the Cornish language. In their books, both and ɐ have been used. [1]

The symbol ∀ bears the same shape of (a capital turned A) and is used in mathematics and logic to identify universal quantification. In entertainment, the Japanese anime Turn A Gundam uses ∀ as part of both the title and the name of the titular mecha. In traffic engineering it is used to represent flow, the number of units (vehicles) passing a point in a unit of time.

ɐ is encoded in Unicode at U+0250 (in the IPA section) and is encoded in Unicode at U+2C6F (in the Latin Extension C, though very few fonts support it as of 2008). The similar turned alpha, ɒ, is encoded at U+0252, and the uppercase turned alpha, at U+2C70. The mathematical symbol is encoded in Unicode at U+2200 (in the Mathematical Operators section, and only in a sans-serif form). The Symbol font includes ∀ at position 34 (the quotation mark point in ASCII and Unicode).

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