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Baden wuerttemberg tut.png
Map of Baden-W√ľrttemberg highlighting the district of Tuttlingen
State Baden-W√ľrttemberg
Adm. region Freiburg
Region Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg
District seat Tuttlingen
Area 734.4 km²
Population 134,047 (2002)
Pop. density 183 /km²
Licence plate code TUT
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Tuttlingen is a county (Kreis) in the south of Baden-W√ľrttemberg, Germany. Neighboring counties are (from north clockwise) Rottweil, Zollernalbkreis, Sigmaringen, Constance and Schwarzwald-Baar.



The county dates back to the Oberamt Tuttlingen, which was created in 1806. After several minor changes it was merged with the Oberamt Spaichingen and converted into the county in 1938. In 1973 it was enlarged by some municipalities from the dissolved counties Donaueschingen and Stockach.


The landscape of the county are the hills of the Swabian Alb, with the Danube as the main river.

Coat of arms

Coat of arms The coat of arms show a deer antler in the top part, the symbol of the state of W√ľrttemberg. The area of the district became part of W√ľrttemberg in the 14th century. The half wheel in the bottom is the symbol of the Lords of Hohenberg, representing an Austrian possession in the district.

Towns and municipalities

Towns Municipalities
  1. Fridingen (Donau)
  2. Geisingen
  3. M√ľhlheim an der Donau
  4. Spaichingen
  5. Trossingen (with Schura)
  6. Tuttlingen (with Nendingen, Möhringen und Eßlingen)
  1. Aldingen
  2. Balgheim
  3. Bärenthal
  4. Böttingen
  5. Bubsheim
  6. Buchheim
  7. Deilingen
  8. Denkingen
  9. D√ľrbheim
  10. Durchhausen
  11. Egesheim
  12. Emmingen-Liptingen
  13. Frittlingen
  14. Gosheim
  15. Gunningen
  1. Hausen ob Verena
  2. Immendingen
  3. Irndorf
  4. Kolbingen
  5. Königsheim
  6. Mahlstetten
  7. Neuhausen ob Eck
  8. Reichenbach am Heuberg
  9. Renquishausen
  10. Rietheim-Weilheim
  11. Seitingen-Oberflacht
  12. Talheim
  13. Wehingen
  14. Wurmlingen (Tuttlingen)
  1. Donau-Heuberg
  2. Heuberg
  3. Immendingen-Geisingen
  4. Spaichingen
  5. Trossingen
  6. Tuttlingen

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Coordinates: 48¬į00‚Ä≤N 8¬į48‚Ä≤EÔĽŅ / ÔĽŅ48¬įN 8.8¬įEÔĽŅ / 48; 8.8



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