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Tuvalu – United States relations
Tuvalu   United States
Map indicating location of Tuvalu and USA
     Tuvalu      United States

Tuvalu – United States relations are bilateral relations between Tuvalu and the United States.

Relations between the two countries are generally amicable, or neutral, but there have been notable disagreements regarding the issues of climate change and the Kyoto Protocol. Tuvalu and the United States maintain official diplomatic relations, although there is no US embassy in Funafuti, and no Tuvaluan embassy in Washington. The United States ambassador to Fiji is accredited to Tuvalu. Tuvalu maintains a diplomatic presence in the United States through its Permanent Mission to the United Nations, in New York.[1]

The main point of friction between Tuvalu and the United States has been the latter's non-ratification of the Kyoto Protocol. Tuvalu is suffering severe environmental damage due to climate change, and has repeatedly urged the United States to do more to reduce its pollution levels. In 2002, Tuvaluan Prime Minister Koloa Talake threatened to take the United States to the International Court of Justice for its refusal to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.[2] He was prevented from doing so by his subsequent defeat in that year's general election. More recently, in 2007, Tuvalu's Deputy Prime Minister Tavau Teli called upon all countries to "make an effort to reduce their emissions before it is too late for countries like Tuvalu".[3]

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