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Tweed Water Spaniel
Tweed Water Spaniel.jpg
"Water Spaniel"
(most widely accepted image of Tweed Spaniel)
Country of origin United Kingdom

The Tweed Water Spaniel, or Tweed Spaniel, is a breed of dog extinct since the 1800s. Tweed Water Spaniels were descendants of the "ruggedly built water dogs" and shared the same family origins as Field Spaniels.[1] They were Spaniel retrievers that were considered very intelligent, excellent swimmers, and driven to please their masters. Their temperament and retrieving qualities were similar to today's Golden Retriever, since Golden Retrievers are said to be 25% Tweed Water Spaniel.[2] The Tweed Water Spaniel is also a prominent ancestor of the Curly Coated Retriever and American Water Spaniel. The Tweed Water Spaniel depicted in this painting most closely resembles the modern-day liver Curly Coated Retriever.


The Tweed Water Spaniel had a long tail and a curly, liver-colored coat, and looked similar to the Irish Water Spaniel except that it had a heavier muzzle and a pointed skull.[3] The dog also had thick, slightly feathered, hound-like ears, droopy lips, and forelegs that were feathered, but hind legs that were not.[1]




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