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Two Heads Are Better Than None
Directed by Michael Grossman
Produced by Billy Crawford
Written by Kevin Kopelow
Heath Seifert
Starring Kenan Thompson
Kel Mitchell
Ken Foree
Teal Marchande
Vanessa Baden
Music by Richard Tuttobene
Cinematography Michael Negrin
Distributed by Nickelodeon
Release date(s) July 22, 2000
Running time Approx. 72 Minutes
Country United States
Language English

Two Heads Are Better Than None also known as Kenan & Kel: The Movie is a 2000 American made-for-television film that stars the cast of the Nickelodeon sitcom Kenan & Kel. It is the last feature film of comic legend Milton Berle.


Plot synopsis

Kenan's (Kenan Thompson) family, the Rockmores, decide to drive across the country. They don't want to bring Kel (Kel Mitchell), but Kenan and Kyra (Vanessa Baden) manage to sneak him into the car, and he is discovered too late in the trip for the Rockmores to return him home.

The Rockmores spend their first night away from home camping. At the camp grounds they meet an odd couple who share the name Shelly and are obsessed with ketchup. Kenan is sent off in search of firewood after being scared by a ghost story told by his father. Out in the woods he is attacked by a being known as the Headless Knight. Kenan runs off and tells his parents (Ken Foree and Teal Marchande), who search the woods but don't find anything and do not believe Kenan. As a result the group goes into the woods to "find" the Headless Knight. In an attempt to scare Kenan, Sheryl tucks her head underneath her shirt to mock the knight. When Kenan screams in fear, Sheryl uncovers her head as she, Roger, and Kyra laugh. Kel, however, is convinced that Sheryl was the real knight, screams "HEADLESS MONSTER!" and smashes Roger's guitar over Sheryl's head.

The next day the Rockmores and Kel stop at a roadside freak show, where they also meet Shelly and Shelly. Kenan and Kel stumble across many oddities (including Chimperace, the piano-playing monkey) and end up unleashing the world's largest ball of string, which demolishes much of the museum. Before leaving, Kenan is shocked to discover an exhibit about the Headless Knight who cuts off people's heads to wear as his own, and discovers that the Knight had been recently seen in a town called Rockville. His parents insist it is just a coincidence and that he is imagining seeing the Knight. After stopping at the freak museum they spend the night at a motel. Kenan dreams that he is once again attacked by the Headless Knight. After awakening from his dream, he sees a shadow of what he thinks is the Headless Knight with an axe. However, he soon finds out that the shadow is only of Kel with a flyswatter.

On the following day the Rockmores encounter a man warning them not to go to Rockville. As they flee in terror their car breaks down in the middle of the desert. Kenan and Kel walk to the nearest town, coincidentally Rockville, to get help. On the way Kel reveals that he removed wires from the car's engine causing the car to break down. A storm breaks out and the two boys run to a nearby mansion (the only inhabited house in the town) to seek help. There they meet the owner, Arthur, his odd maid (who has no eyelids) and butler. At the mansion Kenan and Kel meet Shelly and Shelly, and a couple vacationing with their grandfather. Arthur invites them all to stay for the evening and tells them the phones will not be working until the morning. They begin to eat dinner and notice that it is an odd-tasting meat. When asked about it Arthur merely states "It's meat." Also during the dinner Kenan notices that the beverage Arthur is drinking begins to "leak" from his neck which provokes Kenan to suspect Arthur as the Headless Knight. During the evening the couple disappear, along with their grandfather. A scream is heard and Kenan and Kel try to escape from their room but the door is locked and the windows are bricked in. Kenan and Kel smash through the door and, on walking through the hallway, are about to be attacked by the butler. They accidentally render him unconscious.

They finish up in a room filled with book cases and, on closing one of the doors to the book cases, the glass breaks in all the doors. This awakens Arthur. He comes downstairs and yells at them and in a fit of panic, Kenan and Kel throw a book at Arthur, knocking off his head in the process. His identity as the Headless Knight is revealed. Kenan and Kel run to the house's "dungeon" where they find the disembodied heads of the couple and the grandfather. They also find the captured Shelly and Shelly, who they help escape. They disarm the maid and butler as they attempt to flee. Meanwhile, back in the desert, Kenan's sister Kyra is fixing the car. The Shellys, Kenan and Kel reach the gate which they find locked. Arthur regains his head, picks up an axe and throws it towards them, opening the gate. When they finally reach the Shellys' car Arthur throws his axe and hits a tree. The group drives off and are reunited with the Rockmores. Kenan tells Roger their story and he once again does not believe them. He drives up to the house and sees Arthur's disembodied head on the ground. The head talks to him and he flees to the car in terror. On a long road trip home yet again, Kel annoys everyone with his "1,000,000 bottles of orange soda on the wall" song.

Some airings contain a final monologue where Kenan and Kel come out through the curtains which end each episode, only to realize that there is no live audience. This plays on the fact that it is a TV movie, and not a live broadcast as was the sitcom and it was the end of the Kenan & Kel series.


Actor Character
Kenan Thompson Kenan Rockmore
Kel Mitchell Kel Kimble
Ken Foree Roger Rockmore
Teal Marchande Sheryl Rockmore
Vanessa Baden Kyra Rockmore
Milton Berle Uncle Leo
Thomas Knickerbocker Sheldon "Shelly" Wilson
Bonnie Hellman Shelly Wilson
Time Winters Arthur
Michael Berryman Chives
Joel McCrary Steve

Differences from the series

  • Dan Frischman was the only cast member that did not appear in the film.
  • There was no laugh track or live audience. It is meant to be viewed like a feature length film rather than a sitcom.
  • While this film is a comedy like the series, it had a darker tone since it contains elements of a horror-fantasy plot; a premise that differs greatly from the usual slapstick tone of the show's episodes.

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