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Txikito de Iraeta
Txikito de Iraeta.JPG
Txikito de Iraeta
Full name Francisco Larrañaga Albizu
Date of birth 14 September 1913 (1913-09-14) (age 96)
Place of birth Cestona, Guipúzcoa
Country Spain
Province Gipuzkoa
Debut date 1931
Position Forward
1st Hand-Pelota singles championship 1940

Francisco Larrañaga Albizu, known as Txikito de Iraeta is a well known Basque pelota retired player, winner of the 1945 1st Hand-Pelota doubles championship.


Early Life

Larrañaga was born in Cestona, on September 14, 1913. He resided with his family on Iraeta neighbourhood, were he took his nickname from.

Professional Career

Txiquito de Mallavia, Txikito de Iraeta, Miguel Gallastegui and Felipe at the Astelena fronton in Eibar

In 1941 he reached the finale on the 1st Hand-Pelota doubles championship, along with Miguel Gallastegui Txikito de Iraeta participed in hand-pelota category during the 1930's and 1940's. He made his debut on 1931, but his best years as player were given between 1937 and 1942. On August 11, 1940 played in Gros fronton the first professional hand-pelota singles championship of the history against Atano III, who defeated him with a final score of 22-8. but they lost to Onaindia and Urcelay.

In 1942 participated again on the hand-pelota 1st championship but lost to Gallastegui, in 1945 repleaced Onaindia in the 1st Hand-Pelota doubles championship, pairing up with Lazcano due to that he suffered an injury during a regional tournment. Txikito de Iraeta and Lazcano won to Atano IV and Atano VII on the finale with a final score of 22-21 .



1st Hand-Pelota singles championship

Year Champion Subchampion Score Fronton
1940 Atano III Txikito de Iraeta 22-08 Gros

1st Hand-Pelota doubles championship

Year Champion Subchampion Score Fronton
1940-41 Onaindia - Urcelay II Txiquito de Iraeta - Gallastegui 22-18 Gros
1945 Txiquito de Iraeta (2) - Lazcano Atano VII - Atano IV 22-17 Gros


The fronton located at Iratea neighberhood, on Cestona is named after him Txikito de Iraeta Fronton.


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