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Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
North American PS2 Cover art
North American PS2 cover art
Developer(s) Krome Studios
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Platform(s) PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube
Release date(s) NA September 10, 2002
PAL November 22, 2002
Genre(s) Platformer
Mode(s) Single-player
Rating(s) ELSPA: 3+

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is the first title in a video game series for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube produced by Krome Studios in 2002.

In 2004 a sequel, Bush Rescue was released on all the above platforms, in addition to Game Boy Advance. Also in 2004, DPS Film Roman and Krome Studios announced they would produce an animated cartoon series based on the game, but it never saw the light of day. In May 2005, Activision and Krome Studios signed a co-publishing agreement for the third installment of the series: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan. It was released in October of the same year.



Once, long ago, an epic battle ensued between Boss Cass the conneiving Cassowary and a family of Tasmanian Tigers for control for five mystical talismans. Boss Cass managed to trap all the Tigers in the Dreamtime by using these, although the portal was destroyed and the talismans scattered thanks to one of the family throwing his boomerang to dislodge the talismans as he was drawn through the portal.

A family of Bilbies adopted the last Tasmanian Tiger, Ty, who was left behind. Years later, a Bunyip informs Ty, the Tasmanian Tiger, about his heritage and Boss Cass. Ty sets out to find the Talismans before Cass to rescue his family and save the outback from Boss Cass' Plan. Ty's old friend, Maurie, a sulphur crested cockatoo, introduces him to a scientist named Julius, a Koala who has invented a device that will find the Talismans and warp him to their locations. The catch is that the device requires a power source unique to the Outback known as Thunder Eggs, which Ty must collect.

With help from his girlfriend, Shazza the Dingo; Park Ranger Ken, the Tasmanian Devil; and Dennis the Green Tree Frog, Ty comes closer to freeing his family and the Outback from the tyrannical domination of Boss Cass.

It is at this point that Cass, learning of Ty's collecting the Thunder Eggs and Talismans, deploys his highest-ranking henchman - another Tasmanian Tiger. Ty and his foe clash several times; and during their last duel, actually saves his rival from falling to his death in a river of lava.

During the final fight against Cass's massive robot, the mysterious other Tiger - Sly - makes an appearance. Declaring he has turning against Cass, he gives Ty the Doomerang their family used to scatter the talismans beforehand, and Ty takes down the cassowary, saving Australia and his family.


In the game, the character goes into an unlocked world and has to gather a certain item by beating a mission. Although it is a setting in which you usually are given a key mission and there are side missions along the way.

The combat used for the game features more of a 64 type game in which the player is given simple controls and doesn't need a strategy.

At first, Ty has only one boomerang to wield. As the game progresses; however, he gets more boomerangs, this time in pairs. The player can only equip one pair at a time, and each pair has unique abilities.



TY is a Tasmanian Tiger. Armed with his trusty boomerangs and his bare teeth, TY is on a quest to find his long lost family. Only one person stands in his way: collector of all things shiny... the evil Boss Cass.

TY is a true blue Aussie hero. He knows how to take care of himself and is always looking out for his mates. With his signature “No Worries” he’s the leader of Burramudgee Bush Rescue.

He is voiced by English actor Greg Ellis.


Maurie is TY's best and oldest friend. He's a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo who tends to ramble on a bit but is full of words of wisdom. You'll find Maurie popping up throughout the game with some valuable information for TY.

Maurie is like a father to TY, and is always there to help him out. A real country ‘bloke’, Maurie mans the radio at Burramudgee Bush Rescue.


Julius is a wise, if slightly eccentric, professor that helps TY with his boomerang needs.(He's a Koala). He's usually found working in his small shack or playing with a new invention. When TY collects enough opals and or 'Golden Cogs', Julius will give him a new type of boomerang with a specific purpose in the game.

Professor Julius is Burramudgee Bush Rescue’s chief scientist. An absolute genius, Julius creates a lot of the cool gadgets that TY and the team use.


Rex is a Platypus, and is a lifesaver. He was born to swim, literally. Although Tasmanian Tigers are notoriously bad swimmers Rex has a little something that just might help TY get over his fear of water. He is the one who gave Ty the Aquarang.


Dennis the Australian Green Tree Frog is an old friend of Maurie's who is the proud owner of the biggest Thunder Egg collection this side of the Black Stump. Though he denies it, he is absolutely terrified of the dark, things that go bump in the night and anything else.

Prissy, neat, and obsessed with Thunder Eggs, Dennis has an air of importance about him. Absolutely loaded with money, he’s the benefactor of Burramudgee Bush Rescue.


Shazza the dingo is a real country girl, sleeves always rolled up and hands always dirty from work. She's the proud owner of a Health Farm for out of shape emus, situated in the middle of the outback near the town of Dusty Burrows. Normally sure of himself, TY gets a bit tongue-tied when Shazza is around.

Strong and independent, Shazza can rough it with the best of them. She’s the chief mechanic and driver in Burramudgee Bush Rescue and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

Ranger Ken

It would be hard to find a more loyal mate than Ken the Tasmanian Devil. Big, Strong and loud, he's always on hand to help out the little guy and preserve the environment.

Ranger Ken is a real outdoors kind of guy. His idea of fun is wrestling crocodiles and swimming with sharks. Rough and ready, Ken is always there to lend TY a hand.

The Bilbies

The Bilbies look meek, but they're strong in character. They took TY in when he was just a wee orphan and raised him to be the good bloke he is today. Now's TY's chance to repay them by freeing them from Boss Cass' crude cages.

The Bunyip Elder

Most folks don't even believe in the Bunyips, those weird creatures that are said to be half beast, half spirit. The Bunyip Elder helps you along the way with information on the Talismans.


The game received mixed, but mostly positive reviews.


TV show

It was believed that DPS Film Roman were developing a Ty animated cartoon television show,[5] but as there has been no mention of it, the project appears canceled.


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Ty The Tasmanian Tiger is a series of games developed by Krome Studios. The series follows the story of the title character and his friends as they work together to stop the evil, Boss Cass from taking over Southern Rivers.

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger

[Ty comes across Bull the giant Razorback pig and climbs onto his back]
Maurie: Your gonna sit, on that?! are you feeling alright, mate?
Shazza: Awww, he's a big pussy cat when you get to know him, right Ty?
Ty: Yeah, right as rain! I'l use this, me Lassorang!

Maurie: Good news, Ty! I found you a second Boomerang!
Ty: Great! where is it?
Maurie: You see that tree over there?
Ty: Yeah?
Maurie: It isn't there.
Ty: Right...well, where is it?
Maurie: It's on the other side of this place, you'l have to Run, Jump, Rang and Bite your way there!
Ty: oh, great!

Sly: You messed with Boss Cass! now, I'm gonna mess with you!

Maurie: G'day, Julius!
Julius: Now, if I were to re-route these wires to...
Maurie: I said, G'day mate, Are you deaf?
Julius: OH!...oh, goodness gracius me! I didn't see you there. well, well, well, you Must be Ty!
Ty: G'day!

Ty: G'day Shazza!
[Shazza jumps, banging her head on the front hood of her truck]
Shazza: Shivers! Oh, Ty, am I glad to see you! Can you help me out of a fix? Could you help keep these Blue tounges off my back while I fill up my water bottle?
Ty: No worries!
Shazza: Thanks Possum!

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue

[Ty and Shazza are speeding through the outback in Shazza's Forbie]
Shazza: Hold on Ty, I know a short cut!
Ty: I sure hope Ranger Ken got our message!
[A Chopper flys above them with Duke flying it and Ken leaning out giving a thumbs up]
Shazza: Speek of the Tasmanian Devil!
[Shazza Forbie is driving towards the edge of a waterfall]
Ty: I thought you said this was a short cut?
Shazza: It is!
[Shazza's Forbie drives off the waterfall]
Ty: Whooooooaaaaa!
[The Forbie ends up on a road where the Police are with Maurie]
Maurie: Ty, mate, you took your time! The little country town of Currawong is under attack! what nut would want to do this?
Sargent Bluey: The local security is in the thick of it! One of their mates is held up at the old Barracks!
Sly: Whoa! it's a shocker out there! Frills have breached the Northen River!
Ty: Sly, Shazza, I'm gonna need your help!
Shazza: You can count on us!
Sly: If we follow this road, it'l take us up to the old Barracks.
Ty: Ok, let's go!

Dennis: As the newly elected president of Cassopolis, Boss Cass and his diplomats are above the law as long as their here on offical Cassopolis business.
Ty: They can double park, open other people's mail and leave the milk out, and Sargent Bluey can't touch em!
Shazza: Which is why it's important for us to find out what his plans are, and catch him in the act!
[Buch Rescue alarm sounds]
Maurie: *Sigh* well, there's no time to stand around gas bagging, we've got work to do!

Ty: G'day Boonie! Whatcha doin?
Boonie: Nothing!
Ty: You miss your Mum, don't ya?
Boonie: Sometimes...
Ty: It's ok, mate...your Dad's worried sick about you. How about we get you home before it gets to late?
Boonie: Ok.

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night Of The Quinkan

Nandu Gilli: Ty, Sharon, I have some bad news my friends.
Ty: Oh no.
Shazza: What's happend?
Nandu Gilli: As Boss Cass was escaping from prison in your world, an acient evil decended into the dreaming. The Bunyips need your help Ty! You must come with me to, The Dreaming.
[Ty, Shazza and Nandu Gilli are teliported to The Dreaming. Shazza looks up.]
Shazza: What are those things?
Nandu Gilli: They are evil spirits known as Quinkan. they have infected this, the most sacred of places with their senceless war! So far we have been unable to clense them from the Dreaming.
Ty: No worries! I reccon I can take em on.
Nandu Gilli: That would lead to a needless sacrafice! Quinkan are mystical beings with unfafunable powers, save for one weekness...only by using the rare Shadow Bunyip Stone, will you have the power to counter their evil. In the tower, it waits in the form of the Bunyip Gauntlet, for the one who can weild it's power.
Ty: You beauty!
Nandu Gilli: Mallian is guarding the Gauntlet until your arrival.
Shazza: Let's go, Possum!

[After Ty has finished his training]
Shazza: You look so different, Possum.
Ty: I feel different too...Stuffed.

Dennis: Julius was kidnapped by his evil Uncle Karlos!

Dennis: Ty! If you don't stop Maurie from winning the big race, he'll retire for good and never rejoin Bush Rescue. [Dennis Sobs/cries] I just don't know what would happen.

[After Ty defeats the Hexaquin, Shazza runs up to him]
Ty: Shaz, We did it! Now we can get through to the rest of Southern Rivers!
Shazza: You did it Possum! Your so brave and manly.
Ty: Awww, C'mon Shaz. Your preety manly too! :[Shazza looks at him, anoyed] Er, I mean I like you...
[Ty looks hopeless, Shazza rolls her eyes and smiles]
Shazza: C'mon Possum...:[She kisses him] we should check out the area past the gate, meet me at Dead Dingo Marsh.

Shazza: Hey Possum, I just realised something...your not a Possum are you? :[She laughs]

Ridge: I really love listening to you trying to talk tough, it makes me laugh. if Sly was here, he'd laugh too.

Sly: Hey Bro, I had a thought the other day...did you ever give me my Doomerang back? looks like they don't always return after all.

Naomi: Ty, Don't tell me you've forgoton me? I'm Naomi, Shazza's little sister! When the Quinkan came I moved here and set up this place to sell Bunyip parts. Oh, if theres anything I can do to help just give me a yell, ok?

Di: Oh Yay! Oh, my little cub is here!
Bri: Don't fuss over the boy love, you'l embarass him! Good to see ya, Son!
Di: Sorry Ty, it's just that when we hered you were back we were so excited.
Bri: Now we've made sure we got our wide range of Boomerangs, we figured you'd know what you need to fight the Quinkan.
Di:And I made you a Sandwitch.

[After Ty defeats a strange Battle Robot, the driver reveals themself]
Ty: Fluffy?!
Fluffy: Who did you expect? The tooth Fairy?
[Sly Appears]
Sly: Hey Ty, look what I found! Isn't this Shazza's? :[Hands Ty a blue bracelet] Fluffy?! What do you two think your doing?
Ty: I was trying to save Shazza! and then Lizzard-breath started what she couldent finish!
Fluffy: Hey Ratboy, It takes two to tango.
[Ty and Fluffy are about to fight but Sly stands between them to break them up]
Sly: Whoa! Hang on! Shazza's in trouble...and your here fighting?! :[Looks at Fluffy] And you! Quinkan are distroying everything! There are bigger at work here than old battles. Weather we like it or not, we're going to have to work together.
Fluffy: Mmmmm, I remember when we used to work together...we were great partners. What do you think, yellow rat?
Ty: Well he's got a point, I'm willing to try it if you are...for shazza.
Sly: Good! Now, do either of you know where the've taken Shazza?
[Ty Shrugs]
Fluffy: No...but I know who might...
Ty: Who?
Fluffy:...Boss Cass.
Ty and Sly: Boss Cass?
Fluffy: He's been talking with the Quinkan, He might be able to help you out.
Sly: I'd better head back to town and let Dennis know what's happend. Will you two be alright?
Ty: We'l be okay, wount we, Fluffy?
Fluffy: I know I will be, where as you...well, we can only hope.

[Ty and Shazza walk around 'Dead Dingo Marsh' and find it to be deserted]
Shazza: Hey Ty, it looks like there arn't any Quinkan here. maybe their just in Burramudge?
[Quinkan are hiding in the bushes nearby]
Shazza: It's over, we've won!
Ty: Gee, I hope so Shaz.
[A Quinkan pushes him over while another grabs Shazza and throws her into a crate. Ty bites the Quinkan who pushed him and notices the others have kidnapped Shazza]
Ty: Or maybe it's just begining...hold on! I'm comming!

Redback Russ: We lost...this is all your fault Redback Jack!
Redback Thorn: Yeah, you had nothing!
Redback Jack: Leave me alone, Rose!
Ty: Rose?
[Ty, Redback Jack and Redback Russ laugh]
Redback Thorn: I'l never live this down.

Redback Russ: Redback Jack! What do think you doing out there?
Redback Thorn: Yeah, you had him!
Ty: Fair go, Guys. It was just a bit of fun.
Redback Russ: Hey, this is between us and Belvedere!
Ty: Belvedere?
[Ty, Redback Thorn and Redback Russ laugh]

Ridge: Hey Tiger, y'know out of all the Rang throwers I've seen....your deffinetly one of them.

Sly: I wonder sometimes how things would of turned out if I was the one raised by Billbies, and you were the one that worked for Cass. I mean, would the Quinkan have invaded? would you have ended up with Shazza?

Ridge: I've been thinking, Tiger. If we're going to be working together, you'l need your own catchphrase. How about...'you've been Bush Rescued?'...or 'This case is all TYed up?'

Redback Russ: There's no way I'm telling!
Redback Thorn: C'mon Redback Russ, Fair's fair!
Redback Jack: Yeah C'mon, Cyril.
Ty: Cyril?
[Ty, Redback Thorn and Redback Jack laugh]
Redback Russ: I'm gonna cry...

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