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Tyrone Dobbs
Tyrone dobbs cs.jpg
Tyrone Dobbs in 2007
Coronation Street
Portrayed by Alan Halsall
Duration 1998—
First appearance 30 November 1998
Occupation Garage Co-owner/Mechanic
Residence 9 Coronation Street

Tyrone Sylvester Dobbs is a fictional character in the UK television ITV soap opera, Coronation Street. Portrayed by Alan Halsall, the character first appeared onscreen during the episode airing on November 30, 1998.[1]





During an interview with Alan Halsall, the actor revealed that he likes characters to develop in different ways. Halsall stated he enjoys the experience of the characters various relationships, especially as it differs with each one, notably his characters partnership with Molly's auntie Pam. The actor confirmed that he was pleased to see Tyrone involved in more storylines, feeling that his character was underused for a long period of time. He also claimed interest in the aspect of a wedding. [2] Alan Halsall contradicted statements that Tyrone and Molly were the new Jack and Vera, claiming it impossible for him to fill. [3] The actor revealed that he would be pleased to see Margi Clarke as Tyrone's on-screen mother full-time on the show. [4]


The character arrives on Coronation Street with his mother, Jackie, in 1998. Upon his arrival, it becomes clear Tyrone has been in minor trouble with the police. He is employed by Curly Watts collecting trolleys at a supermarket, however, loses his job when he accidentally pushes a trolley into the area manager's new car. Following this, Tyrone trains as an apprentice mechanic at Kevin Webster's garage. After his mother abandons him, Tyrone moves into Jack and Vera Duckworth's bed and breakfast establishment, adopting a greyhound, Monica.

Whilst seeking a partner for Monica, Tyrone meets and began dating Maria Sutherland, a dog-breeder, and they eventually become engaged in 2002. Fiz Brown, however, attempts to come between them. Having ended his relationship with Maria, Tyrone finds himself better suited with kennel maid Molly Compton. Whilst they accompany Jack and Vera at Number 9, they plann to move out, but resort to buying the property when Jack and Vera decide to move to Blackpool. Vera, however, dies of heart failure in January 2008. Jack continues to live at Number 9, and the family atmosphere is soon enhanced with the arrival of Molly's aunt, Pam Hobsworth.

Jack, in an attempt to encourage Tyrone to propose to Molly, gives him Vera's engagement ring. Tyrone books a table at a fancy restaurant, but is upstaged by a much flashier proposal before he can pop the question. Several days later, Pam suggests that Tyrone put a ring in a decorative egg, which also has a voice recorder. When Tyrone opens the egg at Rovers, instead of a recording asking Molly to marry him, the voice is Kirk Sutherland asking how it works. Tyrone runs out in shame. Jack and Kirk follow, and Jack tells him that the moments that don't go as planned are often happier than the moments which do. Tyrone decides to try again, and returns to find a burger van decorated in Christmas lights and with a table in front. When Tyrone opens the egg to propose, Molly opens an egg of her own, with a recording of her saying, "Of course, you great nana."

The following month, Tyrone decides to visit his estranged mother. They discover that Jackie is £1,000 in debt and owes his father's friend money. Tyrone and Molly decide to help, much to their despair, as they plan to use it for Molly's wedding dress. Tyrone subsequently tells Jackie that she isn't invited to the wedding.

Tyrone's job is later in jeopardy with Tony Gordon's attempts to sabotage Kevin's business. As a result of this Tyrone decides to earn some extra cash by volunteering to test out products for a medical research company. Kevin then asks him to buy half the business, Tyrone later agrees and they are now co-owners so the garage can stay open for business. Tyrone begins selling knock-off merchandise with Pam, in order to afford to give Molly her preferred wedding.

On his stag night, Tyrone is roped into selling merchandise for Pam. Tyrone and Molly are married on January 12, 2009 after Tyrone has been arrested and hand-cuffed by 'Dave' in a pub en-route to the wedding. He arrives, albeit late, at the church but faints soon after exchanging vows. He later finds out that the police officer who has 'arrested' him is none other than Pam's ex, who had Jack, Kirk and Tyrone fooled into believing he was a real police officer. Nonetheless, the trio pay up to 'release' Tyrone under the pretext that Tyrone would have to hand himself in at a police station after the wedding ceremony. Following their wedding, Jackie force the couple to allow her to stay, offering to help Liz McDonald with the evening's work at the reception in the Rovers, and steals the couple's honeymoon tickets. Pam then suggests that they go to Blackpool instead, much to Tyrone's enthusiasm, but Molly's dismay.

In 2009, Molly embarks on an affair with Tyrone's best friend Kevin after they do a fun run together. At one point Tyrone actually becomes suspicious of Molly, as she is always hostile towards him and always disappearing, but Kevin assures him that Molly would "never" cheat on him. Trying to cover her tracks, Molly accuses Tyrone on cheating on her with Minnie Chandra. In January 2010, after just one year of marriage, Molly announces that she is leaving Tyrone, leaving him confused and inconsolable. He mistakingly believes that Molly has been sleeping with her boss Dev Alahan, after she moves into the corner shop flat, and attacks him on the Street.


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