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Birth name Heo Yoon (허윤, 許允)
Also known as U;Nee (유니)
Lee Hye-Ryeon (이혜련)
Yuni (ユニ)
Born May 3, 1981(1981-05-03)
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Died January 21, 2007 (aged 25)
Genres K-pop, Dance-pop, R&B
Occupations Actress, Singer, Dancer, Rapper
Years active 1998 ~ 2007
Hangul 허윤
Hanja 許允
Revised Romanization Heo Yun
McCune–Reischauer Hŏ Yun
Stage name
Hangul 이혜련
Hanja 李慧蓮
Revised Romanization I Hye-ryeon
McCune–Reischauer Yi Hye-ryŏn

U;Nee, (Hangul: 유니, born Heo Yoon (hangul: 허윤;) May 3, 1981 – January 21, 2007) was a South Korean singer and actress. Before dedicating her career to music, she used the stage name Lee Hye-Ryeon (hangul: 이혜련; hanja: ). After debut as a singer, she used the second stage name U;Nee professionally until her death.[1]


Early life

U;Nee was born under the name Heo Yoon (허윤), on May 3, 1981. No information is known about her mother besides the fact she held a press conference after U;Nee's death, but her father died young and she was raised by her grandmother. This led to an early development of depression at a tender age of 7. U;Nee got into acting at the age of 17, under the stage name Lee Hye-Ryeon, but it was her dream to become a singer.

Music career

In 2003, U;Nee debuted as a dance-pop singer, with upbeat songs (although some of her songs were upbeat songs, she rapped in many of them), as heard in her very first single, (Go). The song was well-received by Korean media, and garnered her many fans. The track was then featured on her debut album, U;Nee Code, released on June 12, 2003. U;Nee Code sold moderately well. In 2005, her record label started to market her as a sexy singer, focusing more on her image, while transforming her dance-pop style music into a sexy R&B sound, as heard in her 2005 single, Call Call Call. U;Nee underwent plastic surgery, enlarging her breast size in the process and having slight surgery on her jaw and nose. Soon after, U;Nee released her 2nd album, Call Call Call, with sales equally similar to U;Nee Code, even though the lead single, Call Call Call was performed frequently and landed within the Top 10 of Korean Music Charts. U;Nee's record company then tried to advertise her more as a sexy singer, which gave her harsh criticism from netizens. U;Nee, who was personally soft-spoken and reserved, found this difficult to bear. U;Nee was also known as "ユニ" (Yuni) in Japan. Her debut single, One, taken from Call Call Call, was released in Japan in February 2006. During the majority of her performances, U;Nee showed off her extraordinary dance skills, as she was known before and after her debut as an excellent dancer.

Altantuya scandal

U;Nee's image became associated with a scandal involving Altantuya Shaaribuu, who was murdered in October 2006 in Selangor, Malaysia.[2] Abdul Razak Baginda, a political analyst, was charged in connection with the murder of Altantuya.[3]

Following the murder, photographs purportedly of her circulated in Malaysian and Singaporean tabloids.[4] The photographs were later shown to her father, Shaariibuu Setev, who denied they were of his daughter, saying: "That's not her...don't spoil her name".[5] Readers subsequently established that the photographs were those of U;Nee.[6][7]

According to The Straits Times, these photographs were posted via e-mail throughout Malaysia; the emails were titled Altantuya@Mongolia.[8] Shaariibuu Setev, in a later interview in Bernama, criticized the press for publishing them.[9]


On January 21, 2007, U;Nee committed suicide by hanging herself in her home in Seo-gu, Incheon, South Korea. Yoon Eun-Hye, who was great friends with U;Nee, was one of many entertainers who attended her funeral.

After her death, her mother held a press conference at the hospital. She confirmed that U;Nee suffered from early bouts of depression, for which she took medication, and had problems dealing with the pressure of fame, as well as personal problems. U;Nee will be portrayed by Shin Se-kyeong in the 2010 upcoming biographical South Korean film, Three Desperate Beautiful Women.[10][11]

U;Nee's management company stated that they would release her third album as planned on January 26, 2007.


  • "New Generation Report – Adults Don’t Know"
  • "Seventeen"
  • "Zilzu"
  • "Speeding"
  • "The Theme Game"
  • "The Tears of a Dragon"
  • "The King and the Queen"
  • X-Man


Music Videos

  • "Go"
  • "Call Call Call"
  • "Habit"

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