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Uí Echach Cobo (also Uí Echach Ulad) were a branch of the Dál nAraidi in Ulster (ancient Ulaid). They gave their name to the early medieval Kingdom of Coba located in the baronies of Upper and Lower Iveagh in modern County Down.

They were descended from Eochu Coba, son of Crond Ba Druí, a King of Ulaid, and brother of Cáelbad, an high king of Ireland.[1] Cáelbad was ancestor of the main ruling line of the Dál nAraidi, the Uí Chóelbad based in Mag Line, east of Antrim town in modern county Antrim. The annals however claim that they descended from Eochaid mac Condlai (died 553), king of Ulster.[2] Eochu's son Conall had two sons, Fothad and Cairell. From Cairell mac Conaille descended the Conaille Muirtheimne of Dundalk, modern County Louth. Fothad mac Conaille (died 552) is the first member of the Uí Echach Cobo to be mentioned in the annals.[3]

The title King of Coba (or King of Cuib) is used for the first time in the Annals of Tigernach in 685 and in the Annals of Ulster in 735.[4] The title disappears in the Annals of Ulster after 882. Thereafter the dynasty is referred to as chiefs or lords of the Uí Echach. The Ua hAiteidh family descended from Aitith mac Laigni (died 898) (who was also King of Ulaid) were dominant here from the late 10th to early 12th centuries.


Kings of Coba (Cuib)

  • Fothad mac Conaille (died 552)
  • ......
  • Áedán m. Mongáin (died 616)
  • Fergus mac Áedáin (d.692) -King of Ulster from 674
  • Bressal mac Fergusa (died 685)
  • Eochaid mac Bressail (died 733)
  • Conchad mac Cúanach (died 735)
  • Fergus Glut (died 739)
  • Ailill mac Feidlimid (died 761)
  • Gormgal mac Conaille (died 776)
  • Eochu mac Aililla (died 801)
  • Máel Bressail mac Ailillo (died 825)- King of Ulster from 819
  • Cernach mac Máele Bressail (died 853)
  • Conallán mac Máele Dúin (died 882)
  • Aitith mac Laigni (died 898) -King of Ulster from 896


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