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The Uttar Pradesh state assembly elections, 2007 were held in April-May 2007 to elect a government for the state of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) in India.


Organization of the election

With 166 million people, U.P. is about the size of France, Germany, and the Benelux nations combined. There are 113 million voters, and 403 electoral seats, with an average of a quarter of a million voters in each constituency. The elections were conducted for 402 seats at 110,000 polling stations under very strict guidelines by the autonomous Election Commission of India. More than 46% of the electorate cast their votes.

The election was held in seven phases:

  • Phase 1 : 2007-04-07
  • Phase 2 : 2007-04-13
  • Phase 3 : 2007-04-18
  • Phase 4 : 2007-04-23
  • Phase 5 : 2007-04-28
  • Phase 6 : 2007-05-03
  • Phase 7 : 2007-05-08

A total of 129 parties fielded 2,487 candidates, while 2020 candidates stood as independents, for the total of 406 seats.

Election results

Exit polls suggested that the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) may emerge as the largest party with between 110 and 160 seats; however, it far outstripped this prediction bagging an absolute majority of 206 seats out of a total 402 in the assembly. In contrast, Samajwadi Party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Indian National Congress were reduced very significantly.

These elections were another major example of the pollsters getting it wrong at Indian Elections. In a similar pattern to the 2004 General Elections. The pollsters overpredicted the votes of the BJP.[1]

The results by party[2] are as follows:

UP State Assembly Elections, 2007
Party Candidates
Won Last Vidhan Sabha
Bahujan Samaj Party 403 206 67(*)
Samajwadi Party 393 97 152
BJP 350 51 83
Congress 393 22 25
RLD 254 10 15
Rashtriya Parivartan Dal 14 2 1
  Akhil Bhartiya Loktantrik Congress (ABLC) 2 1 2
JD(U) 16 1 2
  UP United Democratic Front (UPUDF) 54 1
  Bharatiya Jan Shakti 66 1
  Jan Morcha 118 1
  Rashtriya Swabhimaan Party 122 1
  Independent 2581 9 16
  Total 6086 402


The BSP had won 98 seats in the last elections, but 33 MLAs defected to the Samajwadi Party in 2003[3], in a move that may have been illegal but was permitted by the then speaker Kesri Nath Tripathi[4].


Blanked out

In addition, 116 parties fielded candidates but failed to win a seat. The parties with more than 50 candidates fielded without outcome are:

However, it is likely that some of these parties may have taken away votes from other groups; e.g., Uditraj's Indian Justice Party has a good standing among Dalits who also constitute an important chunk of the BSP vote bank.

Rainbow coalition

A characteristic of the BSP win was the amalgamation of Brahmin votes into the Dalit dominated party[5], an approach that has been called the rainbow coalition. This is in contrast to the decades-old trend of exploiting deep-rooted caste divisions in the state between Dalits, Upper Castes, Muslims and different OBC groups, which tend to vote in blocks.

List of winners

This is the list of winners consolidated from the Election Commission of India party-wise results pages (ECI website).

No. Constituency Party Elected Representative ECI results website
001 Seohara BSP Aditya Singh results: 01
002 Dhampur BSP Irshad Ahmad results: 02
003 Afzalgarh BSP Muhammad Gazi results: 03
004 Nagina BSP Omwati Devi results: 04
005 Najibabad BSP Sheesh Ram results: 05
006 Bijnor BSP Shahnawaz (S/O Badrujama) results: 06
007 Chandpur BSP Iqbal results: 07
008 Kanth BSP Rizwan Ahmad Khan results: 08
009 Amroha SP Mehboob Ali results: 09
010 Hasanpur BSP Ferhat Hasan results: 10
012 Sambhal SP Iqbal Mehmood results: 12
013 Bahjoi BSP Aqeel-Ur-Rahman Khan results: 13
014 Chandausi BSP Girish Chandra results: 14
015 Kunderki BSP Akbar Husain results: 15
016 Moradabad West BJP Rajeev Channa results: 16
017 Moradabad SP Sandeep Agrawal results: 17
018 Moradabad Rural SP Usmanul Haq results: 18
019 Thakurdwara BSP Vijay Kumar Urf Vijay Yadav results: 19
020 Suar Tanda SP Nawab Kazim Ali Khan /Navaid Mian results: 20
021 Rampur SP Mohd. Azam Khan results: 21
022 Bilaspur Congress Sanjay Kapoor results: 22
023 Shahabad BJP Kashi Ram results: 23
024 Bisauli RPD Umlesh Yadav results: 24
025 Gunnaur SP Mulayam Singh Yadav results: 25
026 Sahaswan RPD Dhram Pal Yadav (D. P. Yadav) results: 26
027 Bilsi BSP Yogendra Sagar Urf Anu results: 27
028 Budaun BJP Mahesh Chandra results: 28
029 Usehat BSP Muslim Khan results: 29
030 Binawar Bh.JS Ram Sevak Singh results: 30
031 Dataganj BSP Sinod Kumar Shakya a. Deepu Bhaiya results: 31
032 Aonla BSP Radha Krishna results: 32
033 Sunha SP Dharmendra Kumar Kashyap results: 33
034 Faridpur BSP Vijay Pal Singh results: 34
035 Bareilly Cantonment BSP Virendra Singh results: 35
036 Bareilly City BJP Rajesh Agarwal results: 36
037 Nawabganj SP Bhagwat Saran Gangwar results: 37
038 Bhojipura BSP Shazil Islam Ansari results: 38
039 Kawar SP Sultan Beg results: 39
040 Baheri BJP Chhatra Pal Singh results: 40
041 Pilibhit SP Riaz Ahmad results: 41
042 Barkhera BJP Sukh Lal results: 42
043 Bisalpur BSP Anis Ahmad Khan Urf Phool Babu results: 43
044 Puranpur BSP Arshad Khan results: 44
045 Powayan SP Mithlesh results: 45
046 Nigohi BSP Roshan Lal results: 46
047 Tilhar SP Rajesh Yadav results: 47
048 Jalalabad BSP Neeraj Kushwaha results: 48
049 Dadraul BSP Avadhesh Kumar Verma results: 49
050 Shahjahanpur BJP Suresh Kumar Khanna results: 50
051 Mohamdi BJP Krishna Raj results: 51
052 Haiderabad SP Arvind Giri results: 52
053 Paila BSP Rajesh Kumar results: 53
054 Lakhimpur SP Dr. Kaushal Kishore results: 54
055 Srinagar SP R.A.Usmani results: 55
056 Nighasan SP Krishna Gopal Patel results: 56
057 Dhaurehra BSP Awasthi Bala Prashad results: 57
058 Behta SP Mahendra Kumar Singh results: 58
059 Biswan BSP Nirmal Verma results: 59
060 Mahmudabad SP Narendra Singh results: 60
061 Sidhauli BSP Dr. Hargovind Bhargava results: 61
062 Laharpur BSP Mohd. Jasmir Ansari results: 62
063 Sitapur SP Radhey Shyam Jaiswal results: 63
064 Hargaon BSP Ramhet Bharti results: 64
065 Misrikh SP Anoop Kumar results: 65
066 Machhrehta SP Ram Pal Rajvanshi results: 66
067 Beniganj BSP Ram Pal Verma results: 67
068 Sandila BSP Abdul Mannan results: 68
069 Ahirori BSP Virendra Kumar results: 69
070 Hardoi SP Naresh Chandra Agarwal results: 70
071 Bawan BSP Rajeswari results: 71
072 Pihani BSP Daud Ahmad results: 72
073 Shahabad BSP Ashif results: 73
074 Bilgram BSP Uprenda Tiwari results: 74
075 Mallawan BSP Krishna Kumar Singh Satish Verma results: 75
076 Bangarmau SP Kuldeep Singh Sengar results: 76
077 Safipur SP Sudhir Kumar results: 77
078 Unnao SP Deepak Kumar results: 78
079 Hadha SP Sundar Lal Lodhi results: 79
080 Bhagwantnagar BSP Kripa Shankar Singh results: 80
081 Purwa SP Uday Raj results: 81
082 Hasanganj BSP Radhelal results: 82
083 Malihabad SP Gauri Shankar results: 83
084 Mahona BSP Nakul Dubey results: 84
085 Lucknow East BJP Vidya Sagar Gupta results: 85
086 Lucknow West BJP Lal Ji Tandon results: 86
087 Lucknow Central BJP Suresh Kumar Srivastava results: 87
088 Lucknow Cantonment BJP Suresh Chandra Tiwari results: 88
089 Sarojininagar BSP Mohd.Irshad Khan results: 89
090 Mohanlalganj R.Sw.P. R.K.Chaudhary results: 90
091 Bachhrawan Congress Raja Ram results: 91
092 Tiloi SP Mayankeshwar Sharan Singh results: 92
093 Rae Bareli Ind Akhilesh Kumar Singh results: 93
094 Sataon Congress Shiv Ganesh results: 94
095 Sareni Congress Ashok Kumar Singh results: 95
096 Dalmau Congress Ajay Pal Singh results: 96
097 Salon Congress Shiv Balak Pasi results: 97
098 Kunda Ind Raghuraj Pratap Singh results: 98
099 Bihar Ind Vinod Kumar results: 99
100 Rampur Khas Congress Pramod Kumar results: 100
101 Gadwara BSP Brijesh Saurabh results: 101
102 Pratapgarh BSP Sanjay results: 102
103 Birapur BSP Ram Siromani Shukla results: 103
104 Patti BJP Rajendra Pratap Singh /Moti Singh results: 104
105 Amethi Congress Amita Singh results: 105
106 Gauriganj BSP Chandra Prakash results: 106
107 Jagdishpur Congress Ram Sewak results: 107
108 Issauli SP Chandra Bhadra Singh results: 108
109 Sultanpur SP Anoop Sanda results: 109
110 Jaisinghpur BSP Om Prakash (O.P.Singh) results: 110
111 Chanda BSP Vinod Kumar results: 111
112 Kadipur BSP Bhagelu Ram results: 112
113 Katehari BSP Dharm Raj Nishad results: 113
114 Akbarpur BSP Ram Achal Rajbhar results: 114
115 Jalalpur BSP Sher Bahadur results: 115
116 Jahangirganj BSP Tribhuwan Dutt results: 116
117 Tanda BSP Lal Ji Verma results: 117
118 Ayodhya BJP Lallu Singh results: 118
119 Bikapur BSP Jitendra Kumar Bablu Bhaiya results: 119
120 Milkipur BSP Anand Sen results: 120
121 Sohawal SP Awadhesh Prasad results: 121
122 Rudauli SP Abbas Ali Zaidi Alias Rushdi Mian results: 122
123 Dariyabad SP Rajeev Kumar Singh results: 123
124 Siddhaur BSP Dharmi Rawat results: 124
125 Haidergarh SP Arvind Kumar Singh Gope results: 125
126 Masauli BSP Fareed Mahfooz Kidwai results: 126
127 Nawabganj BSP Sangram Singh results: 127
128 Fatehpur BSP Km. Meeta Gautam results: 128
129 Ramnagar BSP Amresh Kumar results: 129
130 Kaiserganj BSP Gulam Mohammad Khan results: 130
131 Fakharpur BSP Krishana Kumar results: 131
132 Mahsi BJP Sureshwar Singh results: 132
133 Nanpara BSP Waris Ali results: 133
134 Charda SP Shabbir Ahmad results: 134
135 Bhinga BSP Daddan results: 135
136 Bahraich SP Dr. Viqar Ahmed Shah results: 136
137 Ikauna BSP Ram Sagar Akela results: 137
138 Gainsari BSP Alauddin results: 138
139 Tulsipur BJP Kaushlendra Nath Yogi results: 139
140 Balrampur BSP Dhirendra Pratap Singh results: 140
141 Utraula BJP Shyamlal results: 141
142 Sadullanagar SP Arif Anwar Hasmi results: 142
143 Mankapur SP Ram Bishun Azad results: 143
144 Mujehna SP Nandita Shukla results: 144
145 Gonda BSP Moh. Jalil Khan results: 145
146 Katra Bazar SP Baij Nath Dubey results: 146
147 Colonelganj Congress Ajay Pratap Singh alias Lalla Baiya results: 147
148 Dixir BSP Ramesh Chandra results: 148
149 Harraiya SP Raj Kishore Singh results: 149
150 Captainganj BSP Ram Prasad Chaudhary results: 150
151 Nagar East BSP Doodhram results: 151
152 Basti BSP Jeetendra Kumar results: 152
153 Ramnagar BSP Rajendra Prasad Chaudhery results: 153
154 Domariaganj BSP Taufique Ahmad results: 154
155 Itwa SP Mata Prasad Pandey results: 155
156 Shohratgarh Congress Chaudhari Ravind Pratap results: 156
157 Naugarh Congress Ishwar Chandra Shukla results: 157
158 Bansi SP Lal Ji Yadav results: 158
159 Khesraha BSP Mohammad Tabis Khan results: 159
160 Menhdawal SP Abdul Kalam results: 160
161 Khalilabad BSP Bhagwandas results: 161
162 Hainsarbazar SP Dasharath Prasad Chauhan results: 162
163 Bansgaon BSP Sadal Prasad results: 163
164 Dhuriapar SP Rajendra Singh Urf Pahalwan Singh results: 164
165 Chillupar BSP Rajesh Tripathi results: 165
166 Kauriram BSP Ambika results: 166
167 Mundera Bazar Congress Madho Prasad results: 167
168 Pipraich BSP Jamuna Nisad results: 168
169 Gorakhpur BJP Dr. Radha Mohan Das Agrawal results: 169
170 Maniram BJP Vijay Bahadur Yadav results: 170
171 Sahjanwa Ind Yashpal Singh Ravat results: 171
172 Paniara BSP Fateh Bahadur results: 172
173 Pharenda BJP Bajrang Bahadur Singh results: 173
174 Lakshmipur SP Amar Mani results: 174
175 Siswa BJP Avnindra Nath Dwedi /Mahant Dubey results: 175
176 Maharajganj SP Sripati results: 176
177 Shyam Deurwa SP Janaradan Prasad Ojha results: 177
178 Naurangia BJP Shambhu Chaudhary results: 178
179 Ramkola BJP Jaswant Singh Alias Atul results: 179
180 Hata BJP Ramapati Alias Ramakant results: 180
181 Padrauna Congress Kuwar Ratanjit Pratap N Singh results: 181
182 Seorahi SP Dr. P.K. Rai results: 182
183 Fazilnagar SP Vishva Nath results: 183
184 Kasia SP Brahma Shankar results: 184
185 Gauri Bazar BSP Pramod Singh results: 185
186 Rudrapur BSP Suresh results: 186
187 Deoria SP Deenanath Kushwaha results: 187
188 Bhatpar Rani SP Kameswar Upadhyay results: 188
189 Salempur SP Choudhari Fasiha Vaseer results: 189
190 Barhaj BSP Ram Prasad Jaisawal results: 190
191 Natthupur BSP Umesh Panday results: 191
192 Ghosi BSP Phagoo results: 192
193 Sagari SP Sarvesh Kumar Singh Sipu results: 193
194 Gopalpur BSP Shyam Narayan results: 194
195 Azamgarh SP Durga Prasad Yadav results: 195
196 Nizamabad BSP Angad Yadav results: 196
197 Atraulia BSP Surendra Prasad Mishra results: 197
198 Phulpur SP Arun Kumar Yadav results: 198
199 Saraimir SP [Bhola] results: 199
200 Mehnagar BSP Vidya Chaudhary results: 200
201 Lalganj BSP Sukhdeo results: 201
202 Mubarakpur BSP Chandradeo results: 202
203 Mohammadabad Gohna BSP Rajendra Kumar results: 203
204 Mau Ind Mukhtar Ansari results: 204
205 Rasra BSP Ghoora Ram results: 205
206 Siar BSP Kedarnath Verma results: 206
207 Chilkahar SP Sanatan results: 207
208 Sikandarpur BSP Shribhagwan results: 208
209 Bansdih BSP Shiv Shanker results: 209
210 Doaba BSP Subhash results: 210
211 Ballia BSP Manju results: 211
212 Kopachit SP Ambika Chaudhary results: 212
213 Zahoorabad BSP Kalicharan results: 213
214 Mohammadabad SP Sibagtulla Ansari results: 214
215 Dildarnagar BSP Pashupati results: 215
216 Zamania BSP Raj Kumar results: 216
217 Ghazipur SP Saiyyada Shadab Fatima results: 217
218 Jakhania BSP Vijay Kumar results: 218
219 Sadat BSP Amerika results: 219
220 Saidpur BSP Dinanath Pandey results: 220
221 Dhanapur BSP Sushil Kumar (Singh) results: 221
222 Chandauli BSP Sharda Prasad results: 222
223 Chakia BSP Jitendra Kumar results: 223
224 Mughalsarai SP Ram Kishun results: 224
225 Varanasi Cantonment BJP Dr. Jyotasana Shrivastav results: 225
226 Varanasi South BJP Shyam Deo Roy Chaudhary Dada results: 226
227 Varanasi North SP Haji Abdul Samad Ansari results: 227
228 Chiraigaon BSP Udai Lal Maurya results: 228
229 Kolasla BJP Ajay Rai results: 229
230 Gangapur SP Surendra Singh Patel results: 230
231 Aurai BSP Rang Nath Mishra results: 231
232 Gyanpur SP Vijay Kumar results: 232
233 Bhadohi BSP Archana Saroj results: 233
234 Barsathi BSP Ravindra Nath Tripathi results: 234
235 Mariahu BSP Dr. K.K. Sachan results: 235
236 Kerakat BSP Biraju Ram results: 236
237 Beyalsi BSP Jagdish Narain results: 237
238 Jaunpur SP Javed Ansari results: 238
239 Rari JD(U) Dhananjay Singh results: 239
240 Shahganj SP Jagdish Sonkar results: 240
241 Khutahan SP Shailendra Yadav Lalai results: 241
242 Garwara BJP Seema results: 242
243 Machhlishahr BSP Subhash Pandey results: 243
244 Dudhi BSP Chandra Mani Prasad results: 244
245 Robertsganj BSP Satya Narayan Jaisal results: 245
246 Rajgarh BSP Anil Kumar Maurya results: 246
247 Chunar BJP Om Prakash Singh results: 247
248 Majhwa BSP Dr. Ramesh Chand Bind results: 248
249 Mirzapur SP Kailash results: 249
250 Chhanvey BSP Surybhan results: 250
251 Meja BSP Raj Bali Jaisal results: 251
252 Karchana BSP Anand Kumar Alias Collector Pandey results: 252
253 Bara BJP Udaibhan Karwaria results: 253
254 Jhusi BSP Praveen Patel results: 254
255 Handia BSP Rakesh Dhar Tripathi results: 255
256 Pratappur SP Jokhu Lal Yadav results: 256
257 Soraon BSP Mohd. Muztaba Siddiqi results: 257
258 Nawabganj BSP Guru Prasad Maurya results: 258
259 Allahabad North Congress Anugrah Narayan Singh results: 259
260 Allahabad South BSP Nand Gopal Gupta 'Nandi' results: 260
261 Allahabad West BSP Pooja Pal results: 261
262 Chail BSP Daya Ram results: 262
263 Manjhanpur BSP Indrajeet Saroj results: 263
264 Sirathu BSP Wachaspati results: 264
266 Kishunpur BSP Murlidhar results: 266
267 Haswa BSP Ayodhya Prasad Pal results: 267
268 Fatehpur BJP Radheshyam Gupta results: 268
269 Jahanabad BSP Aditya Pandey results: 269
270 Bindki BSP Sukhdev Prasad Verma results: 270
271 Aryanagar SP Irfan Solanki results: 271
272 Sisamau Congress Sanjeev Dariyabadi results: 272
273 Generalganj BJP Salil Vishnoi results: 273
274 Kanpur Cantonment BJP Satish Mahana results: 274
275 Govindnagar Congress Ajay Kapoor results: 275
276 Kalyanpur BJP Premlata Katiyar results: 276
277 Sarsaul SP Aruna Tomar results: 277
278 Ghatampur BSP Ramprakash Kushwaha results: 278
279 Bhognipur BSP Raghu Nath Prasad results: 279
280 Rajpur BSP Mithlesh Kumari results: 280
281 Sarvankhera SP Ram Swaroop Singh results: 281
282 Chaubepur BSP Pratibha Shukla results: 282
283 Bilhaur BSP Kamlesh Chandra results: 283
284 Derapur BSP Mahesh Chandra results: 284
285 Auraiya BSP Shakhar results: 285
286 Ajitmal BSP Ashok Kumar results: 286
287 Lakhana BSP Bheem Rao Ambedkar results: 287
288 Etawah SP Mahendra Singh Rajput results: 288
289 Jaswantnagar SP Shiv Pal Singh Yadav results: 289
290 Bharthana SP Mulayam Singh Yadav results: 290
291 Bidhuna SP Dhani Ram results: 291
292 Kannauj SP Anil Kumar results: 292
293 Umardha BSP Kailash Singh Rajput results: 293
294 Chhibramau SP Arvind Singh results: 294
295 Kamalganj BSP Tahir Hussain Siddiki results: 295
296 Farrukhabad SP Vijay Singh results: 296
297 Kaimganj BSP Kuldip Singh Gangwar results: 297
298 Mohammdabad SP Narendra Singh results: 298
299 Manikpur BSP Daddu Prashad results: 299
300 Karwi BSP Dinesh Prashad results: 300
301 Baberu SP Vishambhar Singh Yadav results: 301
302 Tindwari SP Vishambhar Prasad results: 302
303 Banda Congress Vivek Kumar Singh results: 303
304 Naraini BSP Purushottam Naresh results: 304
305 Hamirpur SP Ashok Kumar Singh Chandel results: 305
306 Maudaha BSP Badshah Singh results: 306
307 Rath BSP Chaudari Dhooram Lodhi results: 307
308 Charkhari BSP Anil Kumar Ahirwar results: 308
309 Mahoba BSP Rakesh Kumar results: 309
310 Mehroni BSP Pt. Ram Kumar Tiwari results: 310
311 Lalitpur BSP Engineer Nathu Ram Kushwaha results: 311
312 Jhansi Congress Pradeep Jain Aditya results: 312
313 Babina BSP Ratan Lal Ahirwar results: 313
314 Mauranipur BSP Bhagwati Prasad Sagar results: 314
315 Garoutha SP Deep Narayan Singh results: 315
316 Konch BSP Ajay Singh results: 316
317 Orai Congress Vinod Chaturvedi results: 317
318 Kalpi BSP Chhote Singh results: 318
319 Madhogarh BSP Hari Om results: 319
320 Bhongaon SP Alok Kumar results: 320
321 Kishni SP Km.Sandhya results: 321
322 Karhal SP Sobaran Singh results: 322
323 Shikohabad Ind Ashok Yadav (S/O Maheshwar Singh) results: 323
324 Jasrana Ind Ram Prakash Yadav results: 324
325 Ghiror BSP Jaivir Singh results: 325
326 Mainpuri BJP Ashok Singh Chauhan results: 326
327 Aliganj BSP Avadhpal Singh Yadav results: 327
328 Patiali BSP Ajay Yadav results: 328
329 Sakit SP Suraj Singh results: 329
330 Soron BSP Mamtesh results: 330
331 Kasganj BSP Hasratulla results: 331
332 Etah BJP Prajapalan results: 332
333 Nidhauli Kalan SP Anil Kumar Singh results: 333
334 Jalesar BJP Kuver Singh results: 334
335 Firozabad BSP Nasir Uddin results: 335
336 Bah BSP Madhusdan Sharma results: 336
337 Fatehabad BJP Rajendra Singh results: 337
338 Tundla BSP Rakesh Babu results: 338
339 Etmadpur BSP Narayan Singh results: 339
340 Dayalbagh Jan Morcha Dr.Dharmpal Singh results: 340
341 Agra Cantonment BSP Julfikar Ahmed Bhutto results: 341
342 Agra East BJP Jagan Prashad Garg results: 342
343 Agra West BSP Guteyari Lal Dubes results: 343
344 Kheragarh BSP Bhagwan Singh Kushwaha results: 344
345 Fatehpur Sikri BSP Th. Surajpal results: 345
346 Goverdhan RLD Puran Prakash results: 346
347 Mathura Congress Prdeep Mathur results: 347
348 Chhata BSP Laxmi Narayan results: 348
349 Mat ABLC Shyam Sunder Sharma results: 349
350 Gokul BSP Raj Kumar Rawat results: 350
351 Sadabad RLD Dr. Anil Chaudhary results: 351
352 Hathras BSP Ramveer Upadhayay results: 352
353 Sasni BSP Genda Lal Chaudhary results: 353
354 Sikandara Rao BJP Yashpal Singh Chauhan results: 354
355 Gangiri BJP Ram Singh results: 355
356 Atrauli BJP Premlata Devi results: 356
357 Aligarh SP Zamir Ullah results: 357
358 Koil BSP Mahendra Singh results: 358
359 Iglas RLD Bimlesh Singh results: 359
360 Barauli BSP Tha Jaiveer Singh results: 360
361 Khair RLD Satya Pal Singh results: 361
362 Jewar BSP Horam Singh results: 362
363 Khurja BSP Anil Kumar results: 363
364 Debai BSP Shri Bhagwan Sharma results: 364
365 Anupshahr BSP Gajendra Singh results: 365
366 Siana BJP Sunder Singh results: 366
367 Agota BJP Virendra Singh Sirohi results: 367
368 Bulandshahr BSP Mo. Aleem Khan results: 368
369 Shikarpur BSP Vasdev Singh results: 369
370 Sikandrabad BSP Vedram Bhati results: 370
371 Dadri BSP Satveer Singh Gurjar results: 371
372 Ghaziabad BJP Sunil Kumar Sharma results: 372
373 Muradnagar Ind Rajpal Tyagi results: 373
374 Modinagar BSP Rajpal Singh results: 374
375 Hapur BSP Dharam Pal (S/O Ram Kishan) results: 375
376 Garhmukteshwar SP Madan Chouhan results: 376
377 Kithore SP Shahid Manzoor results: 377
378 Hastinapur BSP Yogesh Verma results: 378
379 Sardhana BSP Chandra Veer Singh results: 379
380 Meerut Cantonment BJP Satyaprakash Agarwal results: 380
381 Meerut UPUDF Haji Yaqub results: 381
382 Kharkhauda BSP Lakhiram Nagar results: 382
383 Siwalkhas BSP Vinod Kumar Harit results: 383
384 Khekra RLD Madan Bhaiya results: 384
385 Baghpat RLD Kaukab Hameed Khan results: 385
386 Barnawa RLD Satyandra results: 386
387 Chhaprauli RLD Dr. Ajay Tomar results: 387
388 Kandhla BSP Balveer results: 388
389 Khatauli BSP Yograj Singh results: 389
390 Jansath BSP Yashwant results: 390
391 Morna RLD Kadir Rana results: 391
392 Muzaffarnagar BJP Ashok Kumar Kansal results: 392
393 Charthawal BSP Anil Kumar results: 393
394 Baghra Congress Pankaj Kumar results: 394
395 Kairana BJP Hukum Singh results: 395
396 Thana Bhawan RLD Abdul Warish Khan results: 396
397 Nakur BSP Mahipal Singh results: 397
398 Sarsawa BSP Dr.Dharm Singh Saini results: 398
399 Nagal BSP Ravindar Kumar (Molhu) results: 399
400 Deoband BSP Manoj Chaudhary results: 400
401 Harora BSP Jagpal results: 401
402 Saharanpur BJP Raghav Lakhan Pal results: 402
403 Muzaffarabad Ind Imran Masood results: 403

Criminalization in the U.P. 2007 elections

The number of criminal-politicians participating in the elections have been growing, particularly because they have been successful in the past. In the U.P. Assembly elections, 2002, candidates with criminal records won 206 out of 403 seats in the assembly, i.e. more criminals were elected than regular politicians[6].

In 2007, the participation by criminals increased significantly. Prior to elections, 74% more criminal politicians were given tickets by the mainstream parties (Source: UP Election Watch, independent NGO headed by ex-DIG Ishwar P. Dwivedi[7]):

  1. Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP): 36.27%
  2. Samajwadi Party (SP): 27.01 %
  3. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP): 23.05%
  4. Indian National Congress (INC) : 21.60%

The Election Commission of India, the autonomous body charged with conducting elections, was facing intense media pressure to check criminalization related irregularities in the electoral process. Extremely strict measures were enforced, bringing in 639 companies of paramilitary forces to prevent musclepower effects. Any deviations from prescribed norms led to candidates being debarred. To help manage the situation, elections were held in seven stages.

At least six candidates campaigned from jails, broadcasting live speeches through illegal mobile phones smuggled into their jail cells while jailors looked the other way.

However, partially owing to the strict measures adopted during elections, only 100 persons with criminal records won the elections (as opposed to 206 in the previous elections). These include the elected Chief Minister Mayawati, who is facing embezzlement charges stemming from the Rs.175 crore (USD 40 million) Taj Corridor Case, the leader of the opposition Mulayam Singh Yadav, and other ganglords and hardened criminals (see Criminal-Politicians below). In many of these instances, opposition campaigners did not feel safe enough to put up a vibrant campaign, and in some situations, the mainstream parties reached alliances with the criminals and did not put up serious competition (e.g., Mukhtar Ansari). However, to some extent, these victories may also reflect a perception that these criminal politicians are able to deliver some level of well-being to their communities.

For example, the Soraon Assembly constituency in Allahabad district is one where all 11 candidates in the fray had criminal cases pending against them. Here Mohd. Mustaba Siddiqi of the Bahujan Samaj Party (38280 votes, 29.41%) defeated Mohd. Ayub of the Samajwadi Party (32739/25.15%)[8].

Alleged and convicted criminal-politicians who won

Samajwadi Party

  • Mukhtar Ansari, (Independent, supported by Samajwadi Party/Bharatiya Janata Party): won as (Independent) from Mau, while he was in Jhansi jail, facing charges in the murder of BJP ganglord-MLA from Ghazipur, Krishnanand Rai. His brother Afzal Ansari became the Lok Sabha MP from Ghazipur, after Krishnanand Rai was killed, and is also in jail for the murder, which was apparently executed by the Munna Bajrangi gang which is known to be close to the Ansari's. Mukhtar is named in 29 criminal cases (the third highest in these elections), but is close to Mulayam Singh Yadav, and the Samajwadi Party did not put up a candidate against him. He also is said to be close to Sonia Gandhi's Indian National Congress party, who put up only a dummy candidate, Gopal, against him; Gopal garnered only three thousand votes and lost his deposit. A large faction of the Mau Congress executive committee members had resigned en masse to protest against choosing such a dummy candidate.

Despite Mukhtar's muscle power however, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) candidate Vijay Pratap managed to garner 42% of the vote, and Mukhtar won by seven thousand votes (47%) only[9] Currently lodged at Gorakhpur Jail, where his case might take a long time to come to trial. He won the Lakshmipur Constituency seat in Gorakhpur District by a margin of nearly 20 thousand votes (12%).

  • Raghuraj Pratap Singh (Independent, supported by Samajwadi Party/Bharatiya Janata Party): alias Raja Bhaiyya, with 35 criminal cases filed against him. Raja Bhaiyya is from the princely family of Kunda. A skull found in a palace pond allegedly belongs to scooterist Santosh Misra who was guilty of daring to overatake his convoy. He won as an independent from Kunda with an overwhelming margin of 53,000 votes (48%) over Shiv Prakash Mishra of the BSP.
  • Mukhtar Ansari's eldest brother Sibakatullah Ansari (Samajwadi Party): won from Mohammadabad, which used to be the constituency for the slain BJP MLA Krishnanand Rai. Shibakatullah defeated Krishnanand's wife Alka Rai (BJP), who was standing on a platform of seeking justice for the murder of her husband, apparently by the Ansari's
  • Chandrabhadra Singh alias Sonu (Samajwadi Party), from Issauli in Sultanpur district, is accused, along with seven others, in the murder of the gangster-Saint Gyaneshwar in Allahabad. After Mayawati's accession to power, Chandrabhadra was arrested as one of her first directives

Bahujan Samaj Party

  • Badshah Singh ([BSP): Don from Maudaha, is facing six criminal charges, including attempted murder, extortion, and kidnapping. Won at Maudaha by defeating Apni Chiraiya Prajapati of the Samajwadi Party by a margin of 17 thousand votes (15%). Currently a Minister of State in the Mayawati cabinet[10].
  • Anand Sen Yadav, (BSP): Son of BSP gangster Member of Parliament Mitra Sen Yadav (currently being investigated in the human trafficking scam along with Babulal Katara). Anand, who is in Jail facing over 12 cases including murder and extortion[10], won from Milkipur [11], and has been appointed Minister of State in the Mayawati cabinet.
  • Daddan or Daddan Misra (BSP), from Bhinga. According to his election affidavit[12], Daddan has cases registered under IPC 147, 148, 199, 448, 453, 323, 427, 511;[13]
  • Jamuna Nishad from Pipraich (cabinet minister, resigned on 2008-06-08 after being named in the murder of a policeman[14].)
  • Avadhpal Singh Yadav (BSP), won from Aliganj and is currently Minister of State.
  • Sangram Singh (BSP) from Nawabganj (cabinet minister)
  • Shazil Islam Ansari (BSP): won from Bhojipura, and appointed a minister of state in Maya cabinet.

Out of 19 ministers of state in the Mayawati cabinet, eight have violent criminal charges pending against them[10].

Rashtriya Parivartan Dal

  • D. P. Yadav, mafia don and erstwhile liquor baron from Western U.P. (Rashtriya Parivartan Dal): Scraped through from Sahaswan, with a 109 vote margin (0.1%) over the Samajwadi Party incumbent Omkar Singh[15]
  • D. P. Yadav's wife Umlesh Yadav (Rashtriya Parivartan Dal) won more handily from Bisauli, defeating incumbent Samajwadi Party legislator Yogendra Singh Kunnu with a margin of 13,400 votes (10%)[16].


Alleged and convicted criminal-politicians who lost

Rashtriya Lok Dal

  • Chhotelal Vishwakarma of Rashtriya Lok Dal, with 24 cases against him[7], lost from Gangapur in Varanasi District. He polled only two thousand votes and lost his deposit. Surendra Singh Patel of the Samajwadi Party won from this constituency with a lead of ten thousand votes (6%) over Neel Ratan Patel of Apna Dal.

Apna Dal/Bharatiya Janata Party

  • Pawan Pandey (Apna Dal, supported by Bharatiya Janata Party), who has 63 criminal cases pending against him (the highest number of cases pending against any candidate in this election[18]) lost in Akbarpur, trailing the winner Ram Achal Rajbhar of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) by nearly twelve thousand votes (13%).
  • Abhay Singh, a criminal-politician in jail charged with several murder cases against him, fielded his wife Sarita Singh on Apna Dal ticket from Bikapur seat in Faizabad district. At one point, he conducted a meeting with the sector-in-charge inside the jail[19]. Abhay Singh has also been accused of making threatening calls to voters from inside the Faizabad jail. While Sarita Singh polled forty thousand votes, she came third, trailing the winner Jitendra Kumar Bablu Bhaiya (BSP) by 13 thousand votes (8%).

A number of other criminal politicians mentioned in the press, such as the new bandit queen Seema Parihar, wife of the slain dacoit Nirbhay Gujjar[20], do not appear on the candidate lists, and may have been removed due to irregularities in their nomination papers or otherwise.


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