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U.S. Route 25 shield
U.S. Route 25
Length: 750 mi[1] (1,207 km)
Formed: 1926[1]
South end: US 17 in Brunswick, GA
I-20 near Augusta, GA

I-85 at Greenville, SC
I-40 at Asheville, NC
US-25E / US-25W / US-70 in Newport, TN
US 25E / US 25W in North Corbin, KY

North end: US 42 / US 127 in Cincinnati, OH
United States Numbered Highways

U.S. Route 25 is a north–south US highway in the eastern United States of America that now connects Cincinnati, Ohio, at the Ohio River to Brunswick, Georgia, near the Atlantic Ocean.

US 25 has never had any spur routes. Interstate 75, Interstate 40, and Interstate 26 in turn lie close to either US 25 or US 25W between Covington, Kentucky, and Hendersonville, North Carolina.

U.S. Route 425 has no connection whatsoever to US 25, lying in Arkansas and Louisiana far to the west of any part of US 25, and is a major exception to the normal numbering conventions of the US highway system.


Route description

South of Cincinnati, US 25 is intact as a designation. In Kentucky it passes through Covington, Lexington, and it loops Richmond, entering the Appalachians. At North Corbin, it splits into US 25W and US 25E, and the highway 'unsplits' in Newport, Tennessee. The more westerly US 25W passes through Knoxville, Tennessee; the more easterly US 25E passes underneath Cumberland Gap via the Cumberland Gap Tunnel and continues through Morristown, Tennessee.

US 25 then passes southeastward into western North Carolina, passing through Asheville; it then becomes an almost due north–south route between Asheville and its terminus in Brunswick, Georgia, through Greenville, South Carolina, Greenwood, South Carolina and Augusta, Georgia.

From Interstate 85 southwest of Greenville, South Carolina to Interstate 26 southeast of Hendersonville, North Carolina, US 25, as well as US 25 Truck near Hendersonville, is Corridor W of the Appalachian Development Highway System.[2]


Old US 25E sign in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee directing traffic to former route over Cumberland Gap.

US 25 originally extended northward into Ohio and Michigan before Interstate 75 between Detroit and Cincinnati and Interstate 94 between Detroit and Port Huron, Michigan, made most of US 25 superfluous north of Cincinnati. In Michigan, M-25 continues as the designation of old US 25 between Port Austin and Port Huron. Some old maps disagree on whether the east–west segment of what is now M-25 between Bay City was US 25 or M-25; for that discussion see M-25.

Relics of US 25 between Brownstown Township, Michigan, (a suburb of Detroit) and Cygnet, Ohio, include US 24, M-125, and State Route 25.

US 25 in Michigan and Ohio was historically known as Dixie Highway, and the road is still so named in some places. It may also be known as "County Road 25-A" through some parts of Ohio.

Until 1996 when the Cumberland Gap Tunnel was opened to traffic, from Middlesboro, Kentucky, US 25E climbed the Cumberland Mountains and along the historic Wilderness Road, passed through the Cumberland Gap into Virginia then heading south to enter Tennessee.

Old US 25 north of the intersection of US 11W in Tennessee crossed over Clinch Mountain, following a notorious route consisting of considerable elevation gain and many switchbacks, some of which were full hairpin turns.

South Carolina and North Carolina

In Greenville County US 25 is an expressway for 3.5 miles before the South Carolina/North Carolina border, having a median barrier and only two at-grade intersections. Once in North Carolina the highway becomes a freeway for the first 6 miles, complete with numbered exits. However, after around the 6th mile, the freeway ends and becomes a narrow two lane highway with 4 at-grade intersections and 1 complete exit.

In South Carolina, on the expressway portion, the SCDOT has "prohibited any driveway connection except at designated points", in an effort to reduced the risk of traffic entering the road unsafely.

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