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U.S. Route 35 shield
U.S. Route 35
Length: 412 mi[1] (663 km)
Formed: 1934[1]
South end: I-64 at Scott Depot, WV
WV 2 at Point Pleasant, WV

SR 7 at Gallipolis, OH
US 23 / US 50 at Chillicothe, OH
I-75 at Dayton, OH
I-70 in Richmond, IN
US 30 near Hamlet, IN

North end: US 20 at Michigan City, IN
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U.S. Route 35 is a north–south United States highway that runs northwest-southeast for approximately 412 miles (663 km) from northern Indiana to the western suburbs of Charleston, West Virginia. The highway's northern terminus is in Michigan City, Indiana, at U.S. Route 20. Its southern terminus is in Scott Depot, West Virginia, at Interstate 64.[2] Currently, the West Virginia portion of the highway is being expanded to four lanes, mostly along a completely new route. The Ohio portion has already been upgraded to a four-lane highway/freeway between the West Virginia state line and Trotwood west of Dayton, Ohio.


Route description


West Virginia

In West Virginia from Scott Depot to Point Pleasant, US 35 is currently being expanded to a four-lane expressway. Currently the route is four lanes from I-64 to the junction with the bridge to Buffalo, (West Virginia Route 869), which serves the large Toyota engine and transmission plant in Buffalo, and continues as a 2-lane route for 17 miles to another four lane section of four miles to the Ohio River, which is the state border. Four miles of the 17 mile gap are being upgraded, but the remaining 13 mile gap will pose a danger to motorists for some time to come.

Officially, US 35's new alignment begins at I-64 Exit #40 near Scott Depot, from which point US 35 proceeds north on its new roadway.[2] As of June 15, 2009, the old segment of US 35 between Buffalo Bridge and U.S. Route 60 is now signed WV 817.

County Location Mile # Destinations Notes
Putnam Scott Depot 0 I-64Huntington, Charleston Interchange at I-64 Exit 40
CR 33 (Teays Valley Rd) – Scott Depot Access via connector continuing along same alignment as new US 35.
Teays Valley 2 WV 34 / CR 13 (Poplar Fork Rd) – Teays Valley
Fraziers Bottom CR 19 (Five and Twentymile Creek Rd) – Hurricane
End of current 4 lane section, northbound.
Fraziers Bottom No image wide.svgTo plate.svg
WV 869 to WV 62Buffalo
Pliny CR 9 (Plantation Rd) – Apple Grove
Mason End of current 4 lane section, southbound.
Pt. Pleasant CR 35 north (Locks Rd.)
WV 2Point Pleasant, Huntington Last exit in West Virginia before entering Ohio


Signed east–west in Ohio, US 35 crosses the Ohio River on the Silver Memorial Bridge and enters Ohio. The first interchange is located adjacent to the Gallia-Meigs Regional Airport in Gallipolis as well as State Route 7. From there, it continues as a full freeway towards Jackson, with interchanges at SR 160, SR 850, and SR 325. Passing Rio Grande, the highway becomes a four lane at-grade expressway when it reaches Centerville. This setup continues until State Route 32 where the highway bypasses Jackson. A strange interchange configuration currently exists at US 35 and OH 32 - an interchange called a Windmill interchange. Each highway has ramps that exit to the other highway ending at an intersection that one can travel either direction — odd because both highways end up having at-grade intersections. Continuing west, the highway reverts to an expressway until it reaches Richmond Dale. The section between Richmond Dale and Chillicothe was upgraded to a full freeway in 2005 and includes a large cut through a 1,000 feet (300 m) ridge. This section of road provides westbound motorists with a panoramic view of the Scioto River valley. The next major interchange is with I-71 in Jeffersonville. As the route continues, it creates a full-access interchange with I-675 in Beavercreek. Several miles later, US 35 opens into a three through lane highway (with five lanes in some parts) through downtown Dayton and makes another full-access interchange with I-75 in downtown Dayton. The Ohio portion of US 35 ends at I-70 near New Paris.

The portion of the route between Jackson and Gallipolis is known as the Bob Evans Highway. This section is designated as a Welsh Byway by the Ohio Department of Transportation as well.[3]


US 35 enters Indiana with Interstate 70, and it splits off on the northwest side of Richmond. US 35 then travels in a northwest path through the cities of Muncie, Kokomo, Logansport, Winamac, Knox and La Porte before terminating at US 20 in Michigan City.

On October 1, 2009, the state will transfer the western 5.31 miles (8.55 km) of US 35 to Michigan City's local highway system. US 35 in Michigan City is currently being served by commercial traffic that travels in and out of downtown (where it originally terminated at US 12); according to local traffic counts, only half of measured traffic on US 35 is through traffic. After the transfer of control, Michigan City will reconstruct the road using local, state and federal-aid funds.[4] The change was approved by AASHTO on October 17, 2008.[5]


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