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The Ultimate Book of Spells
Ultimate Book of Spells title.jpg
The title card from UBOS.
Also known as UBOS
Genre Animated children's television series
Format Animation
Written by Sean Catherine Derek
Michael Edens
Directed by Kathi Castillo
Dennis Graham
Voices of Michael Dobson
Ron Halder
Cathy Weseluck
Janyse Jaud
Jim Byrnes
Patricia Drake
Saffron Henderson
Kirby Morrow
Pauline Newstone
Nicole Oliver
Theme music composer Will Anderson
Jim West
Country of origin  Canada
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26
Running time 30 mins
Production company(s) BKN International
Distributor YTV (CAN)
Toon Disney (US)
Original channel YTV (CAN)
Toon Disney (US)
Pop (UK)
Original run September 12, 2001 – April 7, 2002
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The Ultimate Book of Spells, or UBOS, is a Canadian children's animated television series which began production in 2001. The series aired on YTV in Canada, Toon Disney in the United States and on CBBC and Pop in the UK, but ran for only 26 episodes.



Cassy, Verne & Gus are three gifted students who go to an enchanted school where they learn about magic and how to use it. One day they receive a strange talking book in the mail. The book says his name is UBOS (Ultimate Book of Spells) and together they must journey to the center of the Earth to stop Zarlak. Zarlak is a powerful wizard who is stealing all of Earth's magic so he can ultimately escape his prison, at the center of the earth, into which he was been banished after a great battle. This begins a journey of a lifetime for the three students - one they will never forget. They have to juggle school life and fighting the forces of evil with only each other and UBOS for help. UBOS is actually Cassy's great-grandfather in disguise, as proven by several episodes, for example, after witnessing the legendary battle which ended with Zarlack's banishment, UBOS says to Cassy, "Come, my child." just like her great-grandfather. In another episode, UBOS said that Cassandra the first helped "m(e) -- I mean, your great-grandfather" to Cassy and finally admitting it to Verne whilst not being himself.


  • Cassandra/Cassy: The leader of the trio. She has a soft spot for animals and flowers but can become angry when taunted and when someone insults her family. She wishes to become a trained healer after she becomes a sorceress, because she thinks it to be very rewarding. It is revealed in "Three is a Charm" that she is the great-granddaughter of the great wizard who defeated and banished Zarlack. She is also a master piloton of the 'Scoot Zoomer', the means of transport for many students. Cassy's family symbol is a purple diamond which is also the colour that her family members frequently wear.
  • Gus: He is quite confident but sometimes acts childishly. He at first looks down on Verne due to his "mortie" status, but Verne manages to redeem himself. It is revealed in "Magical Quest" that he is related to a werewolf and is attracted to anything shiny, and when he sees something shiny, he goes, "Ohhhh sparklies". This usually makes Verne have to pull on his hood to keep him out of trouble. He has the ability to imitate voices without the assistance of magic. Gus's family symbol is a green star which is displayed on his shirt.
  • Verne: He is a mortal, but he displays magical powers and can naturally mend electronic devices. Because of his mortal status, he is called a 'Mortie'. At some points he is quite cowardly and is surprised by almost anything that involves magic. At times, he will mess up a spell, often with embarrassing results. He came to the school on a scholarship, initially repulsed by the idea of magic and wanting to do nothing with it. He shares a room with Gus. It is later discovered that he is a descendant of the great wizard Merlin because of the sparkle in their eyes and their last names being the same. Verne is given the symbol of three wands united by Cassy later on in the series
  • UBOS: an elderly looking book that has the power to teleport the three to the centre of the world where they must stop Zarlak. At some points he tends to be quite grumpy (mostly when Cassy stuffs him in her backpack) and hits the three on the head when he's scolding them. it is revealed throughout the series he is Cassy's great-grandfather.
  • Zarlack: the evil wizard that seeks world domination. He desires to get his hands on UBOS so that he will have enough power to not only escape his prison but destroy the world.
  • Rowce and Snerrot: Zarlack's henchman whom he often loses patience. They have the power to combine to become a 2 headed dragon, but like most henchmen, are rather dim-witted.


  • Ilsa: A 12-foot tall giant girl whose father is a big man (literally) in Vonderland. She was roommates with Cassy for a short while. Due to her size, Ilsa had trouble fit in.
  • Lucretia and Borgia: Evil fraternal twins who try to make trouble for the main characters.
  • Miss Crystalgazer: The Headmistress of the magic school.
  • Professor Saysme
  • Professor Beagleboyce


  1. Three Is a Charm
  2. Man or Mortie
  3. He Who Laughs Last
  4. Rootopia of All Evil
  5. Time and Again
  6. Fire with Fire
  7. The New Librarian
  8. Shadow Land
  9. Once in a Blue Moon
  10. The Bind That Ties
  11. Coat of Arms
  12. Out of Shape
  13. The Rift
  14. What a Cut-Up!
  15. Multiple Mayhem
  16. The Tear of Moolana
  17. Magical Logical
  18. Veil of Illusion
  19. Dark Image
  20. Sleeping Beauty School
  21. Eclipsed
  22. Big Girls Don't Cry
  23. Lucky Gus
  24. Magic Quest
  25. The Lure
  26. Solo Sorceress

UBOS and Harry Potter

Many similarities have been noted between UBOS and the successful Harry Potter series of books and movies.

  • A young boy discovers he has magical powers and learns to use them at a school for wizards.
  • The main characters (three friends - two male, one female), and their quest (to defeat a dark wizard - in the case of Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, or in the case of UBOS, Zarlak)
  • The three main characters feature a witch, a half-elf wizard and a mortie (mortal). In comparison to the Harry Potter universe, these characters have a very close relation to Harry, Ron and Hermione: Verne discovers his powers and learns to use them in a magical school like Harry Potter, but is born a mortie (mortal) like Hermione Granger is a muggle-born. Cassy is a witch like Hermione, but comes from a pure family line of witches like Ron Weasley comes from a pure line of wizards. And finally, Gus who is born half-wizard, half-elf, like how Harry is born half-wizard and half-muggle.
  • Another factor linking this series to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the episode 'The New Librarian'. Each story features a Professor (Beagleboyce in 'The New Librarian' and Gilderoy Lockhart in Chamber of Secrets) who takes credit for other people's deeds and ends up with memory problems.
  • In this series, Ms Crystalgazer is the principal of the school who can transform into a cat, like the Gryffindor teacher, Professor McGonagall, could. There is also a ghost teacher.
  • The school villains, a brother and sister named Lucretia and Borge, have some similarities to Harry Potter's rival, Draco Malfoy. Namely that Lucius Malfoy was an avid disciple of Voldemort, and is viewed with disdain by those who opposed Voldemort; Lucretia and Borge's father supported Zarlak, yet betrayed him after he discovered Zarlak's upcoming banishment, and the siblings are met with contempt amongst the students.
  • One difference is that in Harry potter the creatures aren't all equal, Elves are citizens in UBOS but they are slaves in Harry Potter.
  • Both series have those with magical powers being condescending and arrogant about their superiority over those without magic, even the "good" characters mock Vern for his lack of familiarity with magic. In both series the term for someone without awareness of magic (Muggle and Morty), is used mockingly.
  • Another difference is the wands, Gus and Cassy's wands are more the traditional style wands which magicians use, Verne's is from a telescoping aerial (In line with his power as a technowizard). While all wands used in Harry Potter are wood.
  • There's also a difference on how the mortal parents of magical children are treated. While the parents of Muggle-born wizards and witches in Harry Potter are told about magic being real, Verne's parents are tricked into thinking he's attending a non-magical school.
  • Another difference is the fact the main characters's adventures remain a secret from the other students and the staff members while in Harry Potter the Golden Trio's adventures become known to everyone else in Hogwarts.
  • Both Harry Potter and Verne prophecy-bound to defeat their respective arch-enemies (Lord Voldemort and Zarlak, respectively). The difference is that Verne's prophecy specifically mentions a trio.

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