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The UCI Track Cycling World Championships are the set of world championship events for the various disciplines and distances in track cycling and are regulated by the Union Cycliste Internationale. Before 1900 they were administered by the UCI's predecessor, the International Cycling Association (ICA).

Current events include: time trial, keirin, individual pursuit, team pursuit, points race, scratch race, sprint, team sprint, omnium and, for men only, madison. Women's events are shorter than men's. Events which are no longer held include motor paced and tandem events.

World championships were first held in 1893 in Chicago, under the ICA. They were for amateurs. Separate professional races were held from 1895, in Copenhagen. Amateurs and professionals competed in separate events until 1993, after which they have raced together in "open" races. Championships are open to riders selected by their national cycling association. They compete in the colours of their country.

The winner of ICA championships received a gold medal. The UCI awards a gold medal and a white jersey with rainbow-like bands to the winner and silver and bronze medals to the second and third. World champions wear their rainbow jersey until the following year's championship, but they may wear it only in the type of event in which they won it. Former champions can wear rainbow cuffs to their everyday jerseys.

World track championships are allocated to different countries each year. They are run by that country's national cycling association, although the judges are provided by the UCI.


Year Country City
1893 United States Chicago
1894 Belgium Antwerp
1895 Germany Cologne
1896 Denmark Copenhagen
1897 United Kingdom Glasgow
1898 Austria Vienna
1899 Canada Montreal
1900 France Paris
1901 Germany Berlin
1902 Italy Rome
1903 Denmark Copenhagen
1904 United Kingdom London
1905 Belgium Antwerp
1906 Switzerland Geneva
1907 France Paris
1908 Germany Berlin
1909 Denmark Copenhagen
1910 Belgium Brussels
1911 Italy Rome
1912 United States Newark
1913 Germany Leipzig
1914 Denmark Copenhagen
1915–1919 No championships
1920 Belgium Antwerp
1921 Denmark Copenhagen
1922 France Paris
1923 Switzerland Zürich
1924 France Paris
1925 Netherlands Amsterdam
1926 Italy Milan
1927 Germany Cologne
1928 Hungary Budapest
1929 Switzerland Zürich
1930 Belgium Brussels
1931 Denmark Copenhagen
1932 Italy Rome
1933 France Paris
Year Country City
1934 Germany Leipzig
1935 Belgium Brussels
1936 Switzerland Zürich
1937 Denmark Copenhagen
1938 Netherlands Amsterdam
1939 Italy Milan
1940–1945 No championships
1946 Switzerland Zürich
1947 France Paris
1948 Netherlands Amsterdam
1949 Denmark Copenhagen
1950 Belgium Rocourt
1951 Italy Milan
1952 France Paris
1953 Switzerland Zürich
1954 West Germany Cologne
1955 Italy Milan
1956 Denmark Copenhagen
1957 Belgium Rocourt
1958 France Paris
1959 Netherlands Amsterdam
1960 East Germany Leipzig
1961 Switzerland Zürich
1962 Italy Milan
1963 Belgium Rocourt
1964 France Paris
1965 Spain San Sebastián
1966 West Germany Frankfurt
1967 Netherlands Amsterdam
1968 Italy Rome
1969 Belgium Antwerp
1970 United Kingdom Leicester
1971 Italy Varese
1972 France Marseille
1973 Spain San Sebastián
1974 Canada Montreal
1975 Belgium Rocourt
Year Country City
1976 Italy Monteroni di Lecce
1977 Venezuela San Cristóbal
1978 West Germany Munich
1979 Netherlands Amsterdam
1980 France Besançon
1981 Czechoslovakia Brno
1982 United Kingdom Leicester
1983 Switzerland Zürich
1984 Spain Barcelona
1985 Italy Bassano del Grappa
1986 United States Colorado Springs
1987 Austria Vienna
1988 Belgium Ghent
1989 France Lyon
1990 Japan Maebashi
1991 Germany Stuttgart
1992 Spain Valencia
1993 Norway Hamar
1994 Italy Palermo
1995 Colombia Bogotá
1996 United Kingdom Manchester
1997 Australia Perth
1998 France Bordeaux
1999 Germany Berlin
2000 United Kingdom Manchester
2001 Belgium Antwerp
2002 Denmark Ballerup
2003 Germany Stuttgart
2004 Australia Melbourne
2005 United States Los Angeles
2006 France Bordeaux
2007 Spain Palma de Mallorca
2008 United Kingdom Manchester
2009 Poland Pruszków
2010 Denmark Ballerup
2011 Netherlands Apeldoorn
2012 Australia Melbourne


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