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Stuckism is an anti-conceptual art and pro-figurative painting art movement founded by Charles Thomson and Billy Childish in 1999.[1] The founding group in London had 13 members.[2] In 2000, Regan Tamanui started a group in Melbourne, Australia, and it was decided that other artists should be free to start their own groups also, named after their locality.[3] Stuckism has since grown into an international art movement[1] of 202 groups in 48 countries, as of November 2009.[4] This is a list of associated artists who, unless otherwise indicated, are painters.

Name Group Country Joined Left Notes
Childish, BillyBilly Childish Stuckists UK 1999 2001 CFS, MS, PV
Thomson, CharlesCharles Thomson Stuckists UK 1999 CFS, MS, PV
Absolon, PhilipPhilip Absolon Stuckists UK 1999 MS, PV
Castle, FrancesFrances Castle Stuckists UK 1999 MS, PV
Clark, SheilaSheila Clark Stuckists UK 1999 MS
Everall, EamonEamon Everall Stuckists UK 1999 MS, PV
Guru, EllaElla Guru Stuckists UK 1999 MS, PV
Howard, WolfWolf Howard Stuckists UK 1999 2006[5] MS, PV
Lewis, BillBill Lewis Stuckists UK 1999 MS, PV
Lewis, SanchiaSanchia Lewis Stuckists UK 1999 MS
Machine, JoeJoe Machine Stuckists UK 1999 MS, PV
Ming, SextonSexton Ming Stuckists UK 1999 2005[6] MS, PV
Williams, CharlesCharles Williams Stuckists UK 1999 MS, PV
Clarke, DawnDawn Clarke Belfast UK 2008 F
Belton, DanDan Belton Brighton UK 2001 F, PV
Denning, GuyGuy Denning Bristol UK 2004 F
Udaiyan, DarrenDarren Udaiyan Cambridge UK 2003 F
Jones, JacquelineJacqueline Jones Cardiff UK 2004 F
Murphy, PeterPeter Murphy East Kent UK 2005 F
Forte, AnneAnne Forte Edinburgh UK 2004 F
McArdle, PeterPeter McArdle Gateshead UK 2003 2008[7] F, PV
Goatley, LeoLeo Goatley Gloucester UK 2005 F
John, NaiveNaive John Liverpool UK 2004 F, PV
Maddock, JasmineJasmine Maddock Liverpool (Merseyside) UK 2005 F
Arf, ArfiusArfius Arf Liverpool (St Helens) UK 2006 F
Galbraith, AndrewAndrew Galbraith Liverpool (Waterloo) UK 2006 F
Macgregor, AmandaAmanda Macgregor Loanhead UK 2006 F
Kelly, JaneJane Kelly London (Acton) UK 2003 F, PV
Howarth, StephenStephen Howarth London (Balham) UK 2004 F, PV
Hunter, AlexisAlexis Hunter London (Camden) UK 2008 F
Zamero, AnnieAnnie Zamero London (Crouch End) UK 2002 F
Johnstone, EdgeworthEdgeworth Johnstone London (Other Muswell Hill) UK 2006 F
Butler, PiersPiers Butler London (Notting Hill) UK 2003 2003 F
Edwards, AngelaAngela Edwards London (Notting Hill) UK 2006 2006 F
Jackson, AbbyAbby Jackson London (Oval) UK 2005 F
Vine, StellaStella Vine London (Westminster) UK 2001 2001[8] F
Noë, RémyRémy Noë Maidstone UK 2001 F, PV
Harvey, PaulPaul Harvey Newcastle UK 2001 F, PV
Jordan, RachelRachel Jordan North Kent UK 2000 M,[9] PV
D, MarkMark D Nottingham UK 2006 F
Pincham-Phipps, DanielDaniel Pincham-Phipps Southend UK 2001 F, PV
Bold, GinaGina Bold Student[8] UK 2002 2003[8] M, then GA[8]
Coots, StevenSteven Coots Tunbridge Wells UK 2005 F, PV
Bourne, JohnJohn Bourne Wrexham UK 2001 CF, PV
Jones, ElfynElfyn Jones Wrexham UK 2001 CF
Coudrille, JonathonJonathon Coudrille UK GA, PV
McCartin, MandyMandy McCartin UK GA, PV
Mann, EmilyEmily Mann UK [10] PV
Cabròn, Alex ForsterAlex Forster Cabròn Vienna Austria 2005 F
Blow, GodfreyGodfrey Blow Perth Australia 2003 F, PV
Tamanui, ReganRegan Tamanui Melbourne Australia 2000 F
Blatter, Monica BezMonica Bez Blatter Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2002 F
Brochado, IracemaIracema Brochado Stuckafé Brasil Brazil 2001 F
Wilson, DaveDave Wilson White Rock Canada 2008 F
Li, ShelleyShelley Li Shanghai China 2009 F
Dunn, JaneJane Dunn Bohemia Czech Republic 2006 F
Janás, RobertRobert Janás Prague Czech Republic 2004 F, photographer
Bauersfeld, KipKip Bauersfeld Prague 7 Czech Republic 2005 F
Dax, ElsaElsa Dax Paris France 2001 F, PV
Stenhouse, IanIan Stenhouse Berlin Germany 2008 F
Klint, PeterPeter Klint Hamburg and Sylt Germany 2002 F
Malsch, ChristianChristian Malsch Goettingen Germany 2005 F, photographer
Stockhausen, Mary VonMary Von Stockhausen Lewenhagen Germany F, PV
Schroeder, FrankFrank Schroeder Munich Germany 2002 F
Ismail, MeralMeral Ismail Stuttgart Germany 2005 F
Yakoumakis, OdysseusOdysseus Yakoumakis Athens Greece 2004 F
Rowley, LeytonLeyton Rowley Arnhem Holland 2004 F
X, ArthurArthur X Delft Holland 2004 F
Bloemen, FonsFons Bloemen Limburg Holland 2008 F
Boumik, SmeethaSmeetha Boumik Mumbai India 2006 F
Apridinoto, JokoJoko Apridinoto Yogyakarta Indonesia 2007 F
Dehnavi, HamedHamed Dehnavi Tehran Iran 2007 F
Keil, SamanthaSamantha Keil Tuscany Italy 2008 F
Bamba, MafaMafa Bamba Abidgan Ivory Coast 2001 F
Chamaa, FadyFady Chamaa Beirut Lebanon 2009 F
Trujillo, ReneRene Trujillo Mexico City Mexico 2006 F
Noyola, AlfredoAlfredo Noyola Monterrey Mexico 2008 F
Zivkovic, ZoranZoran Zivkovic Podgorica Montenegro 2005 F
Mayhew, MikeMike Mayhew Christchurch New Zealand 2005 F
Butt, AsimAsim Butt Karachi Pakistan 2005 F
Darvasi, GabrielGabriel Darvasi Lima Peru 2008 F
Matecki, PrzemyslawPrzemyslaw Matecki Zagan Poland 2003 F
Braz, JaimeJaime Braz Lisbon Portugal 2004 F
Fabião, OteloOtelo Fabião Algarve Portugal 2003 F
Kartintseva, ElenaElena Kartintseva Moscow Russia 2008 F
Igor, Igor St Petersburg Russia 2006 F
Scepanovic, VladislavVladislav Scepanovic Belgrade Serbia 2007 F
Nikolajevitch, MaximillianMaximillian Nikolajevitch Kraljevo Serbia 2007 F
Takac, PeterPeter Takac Slovak Slovakia 2006 F
Seid, KariKari Seid Cape Town South Africa 2008 F
Freire, AlfonsAlfons Freire Barcelona Spain 2006 F
Gazquez, Cesar AguilarCesar Aguilar Gazquez Catalonia Spain 2007 F
Casas, MarianoMariano Casas Galicia Hartista Spain 2008 CF
Martín, CarmenCarmen Martín Galicia Hartista Spain 2008 CF
Varela, Miguel-AnxoMiguel-Anxo Varela Galicia Hartista Spain 2008 CF
Raya, Felix NietoFelix Nieto Raya Madrid Spain 2004 F
Shaw, EliEli Shaw Malaga Spain 2008 F
Andicoberry, EstherEsther Andicoberry Seville Spain 2001 F
Larsson, TorbjornTorbjorn Larsson Orebro Sweden 2006 CF
Thyen, PuckPuck Thyen Orebro Sweden 2006 CF
Bäck, KristinaKristina Bäck Stockholm Sweden 2002 F
Sassoon, JoelJoel Sassoon Zurich Switzerland 2009 F
Dickinson, MichaelMichael Dickinson Istanbul Turkey 2004 F, collagist
Bondar, OxanaOxana Bondar Kiev Ukraine 2009 F
Rossetto, VanessaVanessa Rossetto Austin USA 2003 F
Holland, Jeffrey ScottJeffrey Scott Holland Central Kentucky USA 2001 F
Dockery, Jesse ToddJesse Todd Dockery Central Kentucky USA 2001 M, PV
Cronborg, Richard JRichard J Cronborg Chicago USA 2001 F
Juliano, TonyTony Juliano Connecticut USA 2002 F, PV
Lawler, DonDon Lawler Kentucky Mooleyville USA 2005 CF, sculptor
White, MegMeg White Kentucky Mooleyville USA 2005 CF, sculptor
Christos, NickNick Christos Miami USA 2009 F
Alsbach, Floyd AnthonyFloyd Anthony Alsbach Missouri Valley USA 2008 F
Richards, JesseJesse Richards New Haven USA 2001 2006[11] CF, PV
Watson, NicholasNicholas Watson New Haven USA 2001 CF
Marks, TerryTerry Marks New York USA 2001 F, PV
Treadway, NickNick Treadway Orange County of California USA 2007 F
Constanse, SusanSusan Constanse Pittsburgh USA 2000 F
Clydesdale, PeggyPeggy Clydesdale Reno USA 2006 F
Richardson, KimKim Richardson St Louis Missouri USA 2004 F
Kozik, FrankFrank Kozik San Francisco USA 2003 F
Hamil, BrettBrett Hamil Seattle USA 2001 CF
Puma, JeremyJeremy Puma Seattle USA 2001 CF
Maybury, RebekahRebekah Maybury Underage International 2006 F
Soul, LivLiv Soul Underage International 2006 F


The first Stuckist group, founded in 1999.
  • CFS = Co-founder of the Stuckists.[1]
  • CF = Co-founder of the named group.
  • MS = Member of the first Stuckist group.[2]
  • F = Founder of the named group.
  • GA = Guest artist[12]
  • M = Member of the named group.
  • PV = Represented in The Stuckists Punk Victorian show, 2004.[13]
  • Student = Students for Stuckism group
  • For groups in London and Liverpool, the name of the group is in brackets.


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Udaiyan or D.Udaiyan is the founder of the Cambridge Stuckists, a branch of the Stuckists art movement. He was born in India and was brought up as a follower of Aaiyyanism (a form of Dravidian Hinduism) - but now is firmly Anti-Aaiyyanist in his outlook and his art.

HIs work is painting, drawing comic strips and also short films for the internet.

He exhibited in shows in the Stuckism International Gallery in Shorditch and took part in the 'War on Blair' show. Example of painting 'Nx2' a picture which was on the home page of the main web site for the Stuckists worldwide.

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