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Coordinates: 54°56′38″N 57°5′10″E / 54.94389°N 57.08611°E / 54.94389; 57.08611

The Ufa train disaster happened on June 4, 1989 at 1:15 (local time) near the town of Asha in the Soviet Union on the Trans-Siberian Railway. (Ufa is a much larger and commonly known city, which is situated not far from Asha). A liquefied petroleum gas explosion killed 575[1] and wounded 623 (some sources claim that up to 645[2] were killed and more than 700 wounded), making it the most deadly railway accident in Soviet history, as two trains passing each other threw sparks near a leaky pipeline. Both trains were carrying children; one returning from a holiday break on the Black Sea, one taking children there. The explosion was so powerful it blew out windows in Asha, eight miles (13 km) from the epicenter.[3] The explosion is said to have been equal to 10 kilotons of TNT, almost as powerful as the Hiroshima explosion. Three hours before the explosion, engineers noticed a drop in the pressure, but they turned up the pressure back to normal instead of checking for leaks.[4]


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