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UFOetry [1] is an organization in Los Angeles, California, dedicated to educating the public about the UFO phenomena and its implications on society. It was formed in July 2004 by ufologist and MUFON member Joshua Poet. UFOetry presents their information as a UFO Rock Opera as opposed to the traditional lecture format. Their multimedia shows combine live music and theatrical performance to share this serious subject with audiences at ufo festivals and conferences. Through these means, UFOetry is able to communicate their teachings to a newer, younger audience than those traditionally found at such conferences, thereby expanding the scope of their purpose as educators of the future.



UFOetry's mission is to benefit the "greater good" of the community, society and the world, by spreading the word of the UFO phenomena, across the planet, using every form of media available.

The purpose of UFOetry is to evolve the UFO story, through a one of a kind UFO Rock Opera that uses of music, video, poetry, theatrical performance and a unique way of storytelling, to bring a new perspective to the UFO phenomena facing the planet today.


Our history is filled with stories of UFO’s. From Christopher Colombus out at sea, to Roman Soldiers on watch. From sightings over Washington DC, to stories of crashed flying saucers, or secret bases in the desert, an event is taking place. Perhaps it is a scientific event or perhaps it is a religious event. The answers may be found in the UFO phenomena. If so, then we owe it to ourselves, to better understand a subject, which may end up being the most profound experience in our lives. Heading towards 2012, Moving to the rhythm of the future, UFOetry is a messenger addressing this cosmic issue.


UFOetry has been presenting its message to the world since mid 2004. In the years that have followed through present time, their pioneering efforts have taken them to some of the largest UFO events in the continental United States. Some of these include: the Aztec UFO Symposium [2], the Retro UFO Spaceship Convention [3][4][5] and the Roswell UFO Festival [6].

Since their "arrival", UFOetry continues to be recognized by the Los Angeles Music Scene:

  • Music & Poetry EP of the Year
  • Music Video of the Year
  • Best Filmed Music Award
  • Concept Album of the Year…Blue Planet Tour
  • Concert Performance of the Year…Roswell UFO Festival 60th Anniversary
  • Stage Show of the Year...Roswell UFO Festival 61st Anniversary

Along its journey, UFOetry is receiving worldwide press recognition and gracing the front pages of newspapers, with stories being translated into several international languages. An internet search will reveal the global attention that UFOetry is now attracting. Joshua Poet has been a guest on X-Zone Radio [7] with Rob McConnell, UFO Files [8] with Jerry Pippin and Live From Roswell [9] with Guy Malone, who refers to their music as "The music of ufology!" Several Music Videos [10] are available online now, which to date have received over 250,000 viewings and continue to be watched daily.


In 2006 nuclear physicist and internationally recognized UFOlogist, Stanton Friedman introduced UFOetry for their first performance in Aztec, New Mexico. Later that year during their performance in front of the world famous Integratron, a sighting occurred in which six orange orbs were seen in the night sky by several observers, perhaps a confirmation of UFOetry’s cosmic purpose and reputation.

In 2008 as one of the festival headliners, UFOetry gave 10 performances over the 3 day festival, which included a live spot on the CBS Early Edition [11], as well as international press in 8 countries [12][13].

The Message

Climb aboard a spaceship for the ride of your life. Look at the UFO phenomena in a new way through the eyes of a being from another world who lands on earth to share his cosmic wisdom. Watch the skies for UFOetry: An Out of this World Musical Experience for the UFO Age!




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