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"The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny"
Single by Lemon Demon
from the album Dinosaurchestra
Released December 7, 2005
Recorded 2002
Genre Comedy rock
Length 3:33
Label Bandung Recordings
Writer(s) Neil Cicierega
Producer Neil Cicierega, Shawn Vulliez

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, often shortened to Ultimate Showdown, is a comical song and video released on December 7, 2005. The song was written and performed by Neil Cicierega under the pseudonym "Lemon Demon", with art and Flash animation by Shawn Vulliez.

The work features many famous real and fictional characters, largely taken from pop culture of the 1980s and 1990s, in a huge brawl where "...only one will survive". It gained a large cult following among web enthusiasts[1] and became the "user's choice" on December 28, 2005 on Newgrounds where it has been viewed over 10.2 million times.[2] It appeared on several other websites including Albino Blacksheep,[3] Newgrounds, YouTube, Transbuddha, and Weebl's Stuff.

The song topped the "Funny Five" on The Dr. Demento Show for several weeks and was the #1 Request for 2006.[4] The video has since been parodied and referenced repeatedly in other flash videos.

Showdown participants

The Ultimate Showdown is a bloody battle started by Godzilla and Batman. This is a list of its participants, in order of appearance in the video, with notes on how they were defeated:

Order Fighter Manner of death and other notes
Introduced during the first verse
1 Godzilla Tail can be seen sticking out from behind some buildings in the final camera pan.
2 Batman Shot by Abraham Lincoln before being saved by Optimus Prime. As Bruce Wayne, his head was crushed between Chuck Norris' thighs.
3 Shaquille O'Neal Flattened by the Batmobile while being beaten up by Aaron Carter, but later "came back covered in a tire track." Can be seen lying face down next to Benito Mussolini on the left-hand pile of bodies. Also attacked by Jackie Chan.
4 Aaron Carter Flattened by the Batmobile while beating up Shaquille O'Neal. Unlike Shaq, he does not survive getting flattened. He is also the first person to die in the ultimate showdown.
5 Abraham Lincoln Hit by a Care Bear stare. Almost killed Batman.
6 Optimus Prime Saved Batman from Abraham Lincoln. Godzilla bites his head off, although the song may be interpreted that he was meant to survive longer due to the lyrics "Abraham Lincoln tried to polevault onto Optimus Prime" later in the song.
Seen during the first chorus
(These fighters were in the animation, but not mentioned in the lyrics.)
10 Dudley Do-Right Death not mentioned.
11 Snidely Whiplash Can be seen at the final camera pan.
Introduced during the second verse
7 Jackie Chan Hit by a Care Bear stare.
8 Indiana Jones Left for dead after being kicked in the crotch by Chuck Norris.
9 Care Bear Death not mentioned. Hit Jackie Chan and Abe Lincoln with a Care Bear stare.
Seen during the second chorus
(These fighters were in the animation, but not mentioned in the lyrics.)
12 Samuel L. Jackson from the movie Snakes on a plane Attacked by snakes.
13 Various snakes Two can be seen on the left and right-hand piles of bodies: one under Han Solo and one under Mussolini and Eric Bauman.
14 Mario Seen slap fighting Sonic. Lying on the center pile of bodies with his legs and feet visible.
15 Sonic the Hedgehog Death not mentioned, seen slap fighting Mario.
16 Santa Claus Hit by the DeLorean from Back to the Future and launched into the air.
17 The DeLorean from Back to the Future Death not mentioned. It time traveled out after hitting Santa.
18 Goku Death not mentioned. Merely flew by on the Nimbus.
19 Eric Bauman of eBaum's Punched down by Lowtax. Later seen lying on the left-hand pile of bodies with a bullet hole in his forehead.
20 Lowtax of Something Death not mentioned.
21 Tobias Fünke from Arrested Development, painted blue. Passes in front of R2-D2 during the chorus and the top of his head can be seen below RoboCop and by Kirk's foot on the center pile of bodies.
22 R2-D2 Lying near C3PO and a Jawa.
23 C-3PO Taken apart by a Jawa.
24 A Jawa Death not mentioned.
25 Judohobo Unknown hobo dressed like a judoka, made famous when photographed and published on Something Awful.[5] Can be seen at the left hand pile of bodies with blood on his arm.
"Angels sang out in immaculate chorus. Down from the heavens, descended..."
26 Chuck Norris The large number of fighters who are required to defeat Chuck Norris are a reference to Chuck's apparent invulnerability. Instead of "kill", the phrase "kicked Chuck Norris and his cowboy ass" was used, though a large smear of blood is left behind after Chuck is attacked.

Defeated by the following:

27 Gandalf the Grey Death not mentioned.
28 Gandalf the White Death not mentioned.
29 Monty Python and the Holy Grail's Black Knight Lying on the centre pile of bodies beneath the Terminator and Captain Kirk.
30 Benito Mussolini Lying on the left-hand pile of bodies near Eric bauman.
31 The Blue Meanie Death not mentioned.
32 Cowboy Curtis Death not mentioned.
33 Jambi the Genie Death not mentioned.
34 RoboCop Lying on the center pile of bodies with his lower legs torn off.
35 The Terminator Lying on the center pile of bodies with its metallic face visible.
36 Captain Kirk Lying on the center pile of bodies with blood on face and right arm.
37 Darth Vader Death not mentioned.
38 Lo-Pan Death not mentioned.
39 Superman Decapitated head lying on the center pile of bodies.
40 "Every single Power Ranger" - Video excludes the Green Ranger (originally featured in the Japanese series Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger) Deaths not mentioned.
41 Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan Deaths not mentioned.
42 Spock Lying on the left-hand pile of bodies with a broken nose.
43 The Rock Death not mentioned.
44 Doctor Octopus Death not mentioned.
45 Hulk Hogan Head can be seen on the right-hand pile of bodies near Jason's mask.
Seen dead at the closing battle
(These fighters were in the animation, but not mentioned in the lyrics.)
46 The Alien Head seen on left hand pile of bodies on the very edge of the screen.
47 Freddy Krueger Gloved hand and part of wrist visible on the left-hand pile of bodies near Spock.
48 Jason Voorhees Mask visible on the right-hand pile of bodies near Han Solo and Hulk Hogan.
49 Alien Hominid Head lying at top of left-hand pile of bodies.
50 Captain Hook Hook can be seen by Snidely Wiplash in final camera pan.
51 Harry Potter Busted-up glasses can be seen at bottom in final camera pan.
52 Han Solo Lying frozen in carbonite on right-hand pile of bodies.
53 The Invisible Man Can be seen at the very bottom of the left-hand side with an outline and blood by his neck.
54 Pac Man Can be seen dead next to a pellet in the final camera pan.
The ultimate victor
55 Mr. Rogers "...In a blood stained sweater." Undefeated (winner), commits seppuku at the end.

The man eating ice cream seems to survive until the very end, so much as watching Mr. Rogers commit seppuku at the end. However, this was one of the civilian witnesses to the showdown, and not a participant.

The following are people who either did not participate in the battle or were only mentioned. Like the previous section, the following are in the same order as their introductions in the video.

Verse Name Shown
1 Riddler Seen waiting in the Batcave right before Abraham Lincoln is introduced.
2 Scruff McGruff Mentioned as Godzilla takes a bite out of Optimus Prime "like Scruff McGruff took a bite out of crime."
3 Civilian Just looked on in total awe.

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