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Ultraviolet: Code 044
(Urutoravairetto: Kōdo Fō Tī Fō)
GenreAction, Supernatural, Science Fiction
TV anime
DirectorOsamu Dezaki
NetworkTemplate:Country data Japan Animax
Original runJuly 1 2008September 16 2008
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Ultraviolet: Code 044 (ウルトラヴァイオレット:コード044 Urutoravairetto: Kōdo Zero Fō Tī Fō?) is an anime series based on the 2006 science fiction film, Ultraviolet written and directed by Kurt Wimmer.[1] The show was produced by the anime studio Madhouse and was directed by Osamu Dezaki.



044 becomes the strongest female soldier excelling in combat through gene manipulation using the Hemophage Virus. However, in exchange for her abilities, her days become numbered. Her next mission from the government is to destroy a bloodthirsty group of people, the Phage, and its leader King. In her battle, she encounters a Phage soldier, Luka, and finds herself unable to kill him. She wonders why, but as a result, Daxus II, the leader of the government group, regards her as a traitor. She is targeted by both Phage and the government, as she flees with the injured Luka.


044 (044 Zero Fō Tī Fō?)
Voiced by: Romi Park
044 is the main character of the series, a clone specially engineered as a tool for humans to combat the Phages. At first, she is confused by the unfamiliarity of a life outside being ordered by the Central Government. Eventually, she becomes very contemplative of the fact there exists a world other than her own and escapes. Being a hunter of the Phage and after defying the orders of Daxus II, she becomes targeted by the two powerful forces. After rescuing Luka she is somehow compelled to saving him. Later, together with Luka they return to Neo Tokyo to combat the Central Government's rule.
724 (Seven Tū Fō?)
Voiced by: Fujiwara Keiji
The most elite member of the Central Government's special agents, next to 044. He is also the leader of the SBCU (Special Battle-Clone Unit). Following 044's escape, he is sent by Daxus II to apprehend her. He is a rather cynical clone and hates the fact that 044's abilities had always been valued more his own. After relentlessly pursuing 044 throughout Neo Tokyo, they fight and he is killed.
Daxus II (ダクサス二世 Dakusasu Nisei?)
Voiced by: Koyama Rikiya
The eccentric director of the Central Government who sees himself very highly and often berates his subordinates for their incompetence. He has known 044 since she was a little girl and at first, does not believe she could betray him. Soon after, enraged by her inconsideration of the care he had always administered to her, he ruthlessly tracks and pursues 044 throughout the galaxies. Later, it is revealed by King, that he too is a clone for his father had been a contractor of the Hemophage Virus and could not have born him.
Garcia (ガルシア Garushia?)
Voiced by: Horiuchi Kenyu
A doctor working for the Central Government as well as the guardian of 044. Giving up his position as a doctor, he accompanies her in her escape from the Central Government suggesting that he cares deeply for 044.
King (キング Kingu?)
Voiced by: Michio Hazama
The towering, aging leader of the Phage whose head is highly sought by the Central Government. He preaches to his fellow Phages of a world where they too, are not burdened by their disease and are able to live freely. He was one of the pioneers in establishing the Phage society along with Luka's father. He later dies at the hands of Daxus II but not without taking his life as well.
Luka Bloom (ルカ·ブルーム Ruka Burūmu?)
Voiced by: Seki Tomokazu
The son of a high ranking member of the Phage society who, following his death, replaces his father as the deputy leader of the Neo Tokyo Phage forum. He is dedicated to fulfilling his father's role and has the utmost respect for King. He fights with and is rescued by 044; eventually he becomes inevitably involved with her.
Matilda (マチルダ Machiruda?)
Voiced by: Yamagata Kaori
A kind doctor and a friend of Garcia from medical school. She owns a clinic in Neo Tokyo, which takes care of both human and Phage kind. She helps 044 and Luka by allowing them shelter at her clinic knowing that they were both being pursued by the government.
Police Inspector Burke (バーク警部 Bāku Keibu?)
Voiced by: Yasuhara Yoshito
An inspector of Neo Tokyo's public safety who is the first to encounter 044 following her escape with Luka. He is someone who is deeply concerned with the pride of his division and thus dies at the hands of the Central Government's elite agents for not complying with their demands.
Sakuza (サクザ Sazuka?)
Voiced by: Ohtsuka Akio
Sakuza, also later revealed as clone 6030 is an enigmatic mine foreman in one of many Magnadite mines on the planet named the Coffin of Despair. Though appearing to be a very outgoing man, in the past he was one of the Central Government's forces during Bermuda's war of independence in the year 2122. Outraged by the government's orders which resulted in the vain deaths of his fellow clone soldiers, he single-handedly killed his commanding officers and fled. He is the last of his comrades from this war.

Episode list

# Title Original air date
01 "Setting Off..."
"Tabidachi..." (旅立ち...) 
July 1 2008
044 poses as a loyal member of the Phage forum in order to eliminate an upper class member of the society. Her activities are overseen by the eccentric Daxus II, of the Central Government. Though as powerful as she is, 044's lifespan seems to be shortening and as such, begins to wonder about her own existence. 
02 "...First Love"
"...Hatsukoi" (...初恋) 
July 8 2008
044 is ordered to infiltrate the assmbly of Phages in the Neo Tokyo sewer system to find their leader, King. There she finds Luka, a young man who has made a promise to kill her. They fight, however, before 044 can kill him, he chooses his own fate by diving into the sewer. In this encounter something deep within 044 is awakened and thus she rescues Luka, whom she was to kill. 
03 "Recovery Directive"
"Kaishuu shirei" (回収指令) 
July 15 2008
04 "Chain"
"Kusari" (鎖) 
July 22 2008
After escaping into the sewers of Neo Tokyo, 044 is discovered by bounty hunters. She discovers that not only is Daxus II after her, but the Phage, having placed a bounty for her head, are as well. On top of that, she finds the strange need to reconcile with Luka and goes to Matilda's Clinic only to find that things may not be as easy as she thought. 
05 "Escape"
"Dasshutsu" (脱出) 
July 29 2008
06 "Coffin of Despair"
"Zetsubou no Hitsugi" (絶望の棺) 
August 5 2008
07 "Clone & Clone"
"Kuroon & kuroon" (クローン&クローン) 
August 12 2008
044 and Garcia discover Sakuza's mysterious past. All the while, 044 is once again made aware of her dwindling lifespan. 
08 "Raid"
"Rinken" (臨検) 
August 19 2008
Daxus II arrives at the Coffin of Despair and begins operation to root out 044 and Sakuza. However, together with their allies and fellow workers, they put up a resistance against the Central Government forces. 
09 "Stardust(Star Dust)"
"Hoshikuzu (Sutaa·Dasuto)" (星屑(スター·ダスト)) 
August 26 2008
10 "...Reunion"
"...Saikai" (...再会) 
September 2 2008
11 "To the Earth(Home)"
"Chikyuu (Furusato) he..." (地球(ふるさと)へ...) 
September 9 2008
12 "...Flash"
"...Senkou" (...閃光) 
September 16 2008

Theme Songs

Opening Theme

"Guilty Pleasure" by BECCA

Ending Theme

"Falling Down" by BECCA


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