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Spoken in Umbria
Region central Italy
Language extinction Latest inscriptions 1st century BC
Language family Indo-European
Writing system Old Italic alphabet
Language codes
ISO 639-1 None
ISO 639-2 ine
ISO 639-3 xum
Approximate distribution of languages in Iron Age Italy during the sixth century BC.

Umbrian is an extinct Italic language formerly spoken by the Umbri in the ancient Italian region of Umbria. It is closely related to Oscan.

Umbrian is known from about 30 inscriptions dated from the 7th through 1st centuries BC. The largest by far, the Iguvine Tables or Eugubian tablets, consists of seven bronze plates with notes on the ceremonies and statutes for priests.


The Umbrian alphabet, like other Old Italic alphabets, was derived from the Etruscan alphabet, and was written right-to-left. Umbrian was also written in the Latin alphabet.


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