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Umi Monogatari: Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto
Umi Monogatari.JPG
Cover of first DVD of Umi Monogatari: Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto as released by Zexcs
うみものがたり 〜あなたがいてくれたコト〜
Genre Action, Magical girl
TV anime
Director Junichi Sato
Writer Toshihiko Tsukiji
Studio Zexcs
Network CBC, AT-X, HBC, MBS, RCC Broadcasting, RKB Mainichi Broadcasting, SBS, TBC, TBS
Original run June 24, 2009 – ongoing
Episodes 12
Author Akira Katsuragi
Publisher Mag Garden
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Monthly Comic Blade
Original run February 28, 2009 – ongoing
Volumes 1
Umi Monogatari: Minna Aishiteru!
Author Tonmi Narihara
Publisher Futabasha
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Comic High!
Original run March 21, 2009 – ongoing
Volumes 1
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Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~ (うみものがたり 〜あなたがいてくれたコト〜 ?, lit. "Sea Story") is a 12 episode anime series, directed by Junichi Sato and produced by Zexcs. It began airing on Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting on June 24, 2009.[1] An unaired 13th episode is to be featured in the final DVD volume, released on March 26, 2010.[2]

The anime is based on a popular pachinko game manufactured by Sanyo Bussan.[3]

The anime uses two theme songs. The opening theme is "violet" by Marble and the ending theme is "Tōmei na Inori" (透明な祈り ?) by Masumi Itō. Lantis has released three soundtracks for Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~.[4] The first, "violet", was released on July 23, 2009.[5] The second, "Treasure!? ~Kimi to Deaeta koto~" (Treasure!~君と出逢えたコト~ ?), was released on August 5, 2009.[6] The third, "Tōmei na Inori" (透明な祈り ?), was released on August 26, 2009.[7]



The story centers on Marin and Urin, two “pure” sisters who live alongside the fish in the sea, but yearn to be in the world beyond the water and above ground. One day, a beautiful ring falls in the middle of the sea, and Marin and Urin retrieve it. The two decide to leave their waterbound world for the first time to deliver the ring. After an arduous journey, they come across an isolated island where a high school girl named Kanon lives. The encounter between Marin and Kanon — the maiden of the sea and the maiden of the skies — awakens a hidden power as the world is threatened by an enveloping darkness.


Two manga adaptations of Umi Monogatari are currently being serialized in two different magazines by different publishers.

The first version, illustrated by Akira Katsuragi, is serialized in Mag Garden's Monthly Comic Blade magazine. The second version, illustrated by Tonmi Narihara, is being serialized in Futabasha's Comic High! magazine.


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