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Undefeatable DVD cover
Directed by Godfrey Hall
Produced by Godfrey Hall
Written by Tai Yim
Steve Harper
Robert Vassar
Starring Cynthia Rothrock
John Miller (II)
Don Niam
Donna Jason
Music by Todd M. Hahn
Distributed by Whe Europe Limited
Release date(s) 1994
Running time 90 min
Country  Hong Kong
Language English

Undefeatable is a 1994 martial arts movie starring Cynthia Rothrock, John Miller and Don Niam. The picture was a Hong Kong production, filmed in English on location in the United States. It was directed by Godfrey Ho, using the pseudonym Godfrey Hall. Undefeatable borrows several plot points from the Sylvester Stallone movie Cobra.



The film follows Kristi Jones (Rothrock) who, along with her gang, take part in Mafia-run street fights to earn money for her sister's college education. Kristi's sister is to become a doctor and pay for Kristi's education.

Meanwhile, an underground fighter by the name of "Stingray" (Niam) is left by his wife, Anna, and vows to find her. He begins seeing women in flowered dresses as his wife. He kidnaps them, rapes them, and gouges their eyes out before returning their bodies to the crime scene. Kristi's sister becomes one of the victims, so Kristi tracks down Stingray with the help of police officer Nick DiMarco (Miller), who is falling in love with her; her sister's psychiatry tutor, Jennifer (Donna Jason); and Nick's partner Mike (Gerald Klein).

They soon track down Stingray, who has kidnapped Jennifer, and fight in a warehouse where he escapes. Mike is killed and Jennifer is in the hospital until Stingray captures her. Kristi and Nick chase him to a storage area where the three do battle, mostly in hand-to-hand combat. Eventually Stingray is killed after losing both of his eyes.

The film ends at a funeral where Kristi tells her sister that they got him. It is revealed that Kristi has enrolled her former gang in college to give them a chance at a better life, though Kristi has also been enrolled by her new lover, and the film ends.

Fight scene

The film features a notable fight scene towards the end approximately three minutes long. This fight is often cited as the worst fight scene ever filmed due to its poor close-up shots, slow movements, bizarre movements and actions, constant shouting, and needless shirt ripping.[1] Also cited are strange maneuvers and plot changes – including a towel used to hold an arm and Kristi, with arm in sling, fighting with no apparent handicap or notice of arm.


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