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The Under Secretary of Defense for Policy is the title of a high-level civilian official in the United States Department of Defense. The Under Secretary of Defense for Policy is the principal staff assistant and advisor to both the Secretary of Defense and the Deputy Secretary of Defense for all matters concerning the formation of national security and defense policy. The position is considered the number three office in the Department of Defense, after the Secretary of Defense and Deputy Secretary of Defense. It was created by Carter Defense Secretary Harold Brown in 1977.

Departments reporting to the USD-Policy include:

  • Assistant Secretary of Defense-International Security Affairs
    • Defense Security Cooperation Agency (under ASD(ISA))
  • Assistant Secretary of Defense-Global Security Affairs, Joseph Benkert
    • Defense Technology Security Agency (under ASD(GSA))
  • Assistant Secretary of Defense-Homeland Defense and Americas Security Affairs
  • Assistant Secretary of Defense-Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict & Interdependent Capabilities
  • Assistant Secretary of Defense-Asian & Pacific Security Affairs
  • Defense Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Office (abbreviated DPMO)
List of Undersecretaries of Defense for Policy
Name Date appointed President Date confirmed
Michele Flournoy [1] January 8, 2009 Barack Obama February 9, 2009
Eric S. Edelman August 9, 2005 George W. Bush February 9, 2006
Douglas Feith April 30, 2001 George W. Bush July 12, 2001
Walter B. Slocombe July 13, 1994 Bill Clinton September 14, 1994
Frank G. Wisner February 23, 1993 Bill Clinton July 1, 1993
Paul Wolfowitz 1989 George H.W. Bush
Fred Ikle 1981 Ronald Reagan 1981
Robert Komer September 27, 1979 Jimmy Carter October 19, 1979
Stanley Rogers Resor July 12, 1978 Jimmy Carter 1978

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