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Undercover Brother
Directed by Malcolm D. Lee
Produced by Brian Grazer
Written by John Ridley
Michael McCullers
Starring Eddie Griffin
Chris Kattan
Dave Chappelle
Denise Richards
Aunjanue Ellis
Neil Patrick Harris
Music by Stanley Clarke
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) 31 May 2002 (USA)
Running time 86 min.
Country  United States
Language English
Budget $25,000,000
Gross revenue $41,604,473[1]

Undercover Brother is a 2002 comedy starring Eddie Griffin and directed by Malcolm D. Lee. The screenplay is by Michael McCullers and co-executive producer John Ridley, who created the original internet animation characters. It spoofs blaxploitation films of the 1970s as well as a number of other films, most notably the James Bond franchise. It also stars former Saturday Night Live cast member Chris Kattan, comedian Dave Chappelle, Aunjanue Ellis, Neil Patrick Harris, Billy Dee Williams, and features a cameo by James Brown.



The film begins with a back story of how black culture's popularity within the American public in the 1970s began to decline in the 1980s, when style and originality began to lose zeal in public eye due to the persistent efforts of "The Man." In the film, the personification of "The Man" (Robert Trumbull) undermines the African-American community as well as the cultures of other minorities, with a SPECTRE-like organization at his disposal. As freelancing protector of the black community, Undercover Brother (Eddie Griffin) fights this organization's efforts to subdue the spread of black culture.

In addition to the endeavors of Undercover Brother, an organization known as the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. battles "The Man" to ensure the continuance of black culture. Sistah Girl (Aunjanue Ellis), a female agent of the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D., infiltrates a company owned by "The Man" in order to obtain valuable data and relay it back to her superiors. At the same time, Undercover Brother breaks into the building. Before she can upload all of the data back to the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. for analysis, Undercover Brother decommissions a computer unit, impeding and ending Sistah Girl's infiltration. Undercover Brother is then discovered and pursued by the company's security team. As he runs through the building, he races past Sistah Girl, who uses a gadget concealed in a briefcase to extend a taut wire to trip the pursuers. After hearing Sistah Girl describe this incident in her explanation of why she had failed the mission, the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D.'s Chief (Chi McBride), is left in bewilderment.

The Man is infuriated that Gen. Warren Boutwell (Billy Dee Williams), a black Vietnam veteran, is considering running for president. He calls his lackey Mr. Feather (Chris Kattan), who informs him of a mind control drug, which could be used to make Boutwell decline to run for president. Instead, Boutwell is compelled to open a fried chicken franchise, effectively eliminating the threat he poses. The B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. is quick to determine that this sudden change of heart is the work of "The Man". The chief, recalling Sistah Girl's encounter with Undercover Brother, decides that their group will need that lone agent's help.

Sistah Girl goes to Undercover Brother's apartment and takes him to the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. headquarters. He is introduced to Conspiracy Brother (Dave Chappelle), Smart Brother (Gary Anthony Williams), The Chief, and Lance (Neil Patrick Harris), who is the only white man in the organization, somehow hired as an intern due to affirmative action. The B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. convinces Undercover Brother to go undercover in white culture as a new employee at a cigarette company owned by The Man.

Through surveillance, Mr. Feather discovers Undercover Brother's identity as an infiltrator and deploys his secret weapon: White She-Devil (Denise Richards) a.k.a "black man's Kryptonite". She, posing as another new employee, and Undercover Brother meet and start dating. She begins to make him do stereotypical 'white' things, such as eating "white food", buying corduroy clothes, performing karaoke and adopting a silly set of euphemisms.

The Man continues to use his mind control drug, distributed in the General's fried chicken, to undermine black culture, including John Singleton remaking Driving Miss Daisy, Jay-Z covering a Lawrence Welk album, and the creation of a sequel to How Stella Got Her Groove Back (entitled How Stella Got Her White Man Back).

Concerned with Undercover Brother's unusual behavior, Sistah Girl attacks White She-Devil and convinces Undercover Brother to return to the fight (once in the fight she called her Buffy the black man slayer in parody to Buffy the Vampire Slayer). They are pursued and cornered by White She-Devil and her henchmen. White She-Devil is about to shoot them both, but cuts down the henchmen instead. She has become smitten with Undercover Brother and cannot bring herself to do him harm.

They all return to the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. Smart Brother takes White She-Devil to find out what she knows. While he does, Lance comes in and says that he just saw Roots and wants to abolish all bigotry, much to the chagrin of Conspiracy Brother (who senses a conspiracy). They invite him into the group. The Chief invites White She-Devil in as well. After a speech from Undercover Brother about equality, Conspiracy Brother decides to stay. The group heads to a major awards gala after they find out that James Brown is The Man's next target. Lance accompanies Brown as a bodyguard, but Mr. Feather gains control of their limousine and kidnaps him. Soon after, the group finds an antidote for the mind control drug. They go to The Man's base, following the signal of a transmitter placed on Brown.

They go undercover as a Jamaican cleaning service to procure Brown and "The Candidate" (a controlled black man that the organization will use to land a crushing blow to black culture). Mr. Feather receives a message from The Man himself stating that he will arrive on the island soon and he wants everything taken care of by the time he gets there. Mr. Feather ready to administer the drug to Brown and present him as a trophy to The Man, who is on his way to the base. Brown starts to sing (his hit "Say It Loud - I'm Black and I'm Proud"), forcing Mr. Feather to acknowledge his hidden blackness. Brown takes off his costume to reveal Undercover Brother. The base's security breached, Mr. Feather sends his henchmen after the infiltrators, who discover the Candidate. The Candidate, none other than Boutwell, is called by Mr. Feather who tells him to kill Undercover Brother while he makes his escape.

The henchmen arrive in the command center and fight Sistah Girl and White She-Devil, eventually falling. After wards, Conspiracy Brother notices a button that reads "Atomic Core", which he pronounces core as "coree". Curious, he presses the button that will cause the building to meltdown in 5 minutes. The group then goes to assist Undercover Brother. Boutwell is about to kill him when they give him the antidote. They move to evacuate him out of the building. While leaving, they encounter three enormous guards, who provoke Lance by calling him a "sissy," to which he reacts by ripping one of the guard's heart out, ripping the spine out of another, and crushing the head of the leader of the trio. The team reaches the beach at the same moment as the Chief, who arrives with a hovercraft.

Undercover Brother runs to the roof to stop Mr. Feather. They get into a kung-fu fight and fight to the song "Beat It". Mr. Feather uses knives concealed in his sleeves to cut off Undercover Brother’s Afro, kindling Undercover Brother's anger, which he uses to defeat Feather with a finishing move. As he sees The Man's helicopter (turning around upon view of the pandemonium at the base). The Man (shown through a close up view of his hand on his cane) tells the driver to leave Feather, as he has failed him for the last time. Feather jumps on the helicopter's landing gear as a way to escape. Over the ocean, Undercover Brother throws his Afro picks at Feather, impaling him in the buttocks causing him to lose his grip on the helicopter, as a shark jumps from the water and eats him.

Time runs out and the building explodes before Undercover Brother can escape, everyone grieves over his loss before they see him floating down to the beach using his wide open pant leggings as parachutes as he jumped off the edge of the cliff right before the explosion. He and Sistah Girl kiss and, after another speech about equality, board the hovercraft and leave the island.


Critical reception

Reviews of the film were generally favorable, with 76% of reviews being "fresh" according to internet rating site Rotten Tomatoes.[2] The film, which was certified fresh on the site, received an average rating of 6.6 out of 10, with 96 reviews being positive and 30 negative. On Metacritic, another film rating site, the film received a 69% rating based on 30 reviews.[3]


  • Black Reel - Best Film Song for "Undercova Brother (We Got the Funk)"


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  • Conspiracy Brother: Let me tell you something about the word "Good" brother. "Good" is an ancient Anglo-Saxon word "Go-od" meaning "absence of colour". i.e. " It's all Good" which it is, or "good-will hunting" meaning "I'm hunting Niggers". So when you say "Good Morning" to me, what you're really saying is "I'm going to kill your black ass first thing in the morning"!
  • Conspiracy Brother: Hey look out black man, he's got a gun!(Gunshot) I'm hit, but my vest caught it, bitch!
  • Conspiracy Brother: Oh shit, it's Macy Grey with pork chop sideburns!
  • The General: I want you... to buy my new fried chicken.
  • Conspiracy Brother: The computer! Another idea stolen from the black man.
  • Sistah Girl: What the hell?

The Chief: What the hell?

Conspiracy Brother: What the f...

  • Undercover Brother: Ja man, rasta!
  • Undercover Brother: Damn it woman, will you just back off?

Anouncer: Attention, angry black man in khakis.

  • The Chief: If I wanted to hear something stupid, I'd have asked his skinny black ass!

Conspiracy Brother: HA! IN YOUR FACE! Ha-ha, shinny black...Hey!

  • Undecover Brother: Caucasian Overload! Caucasian Overload!
  • Robot: Blackness Confirmed. You got soul.
  • Conspiracy Brother: Ooh! Right up the pooper!
  • Conspiracy Brother: Jesus Christ, black man. Babe Ruth, black man. Madonna, sleeps with black men.
  • The Chief: This is a great day for black people of all races.
  • (door knocking)

Mr Feather: Who's there?

Undercover Brother: Kung.

Mr Feather: Kung Who?

Undercover Brother: Kung Fu!

  • Undercover Brother: You mess with the 'fro, you got to go.
  • The Chief: Son, you talk a lot of shit.

Lance: Yes, I do.

The Chief: But you down.

  • White She-devil: Once you've been with Undercover Brother, there is no other.

Conspiracy Brother: No, it's once you go black, you don't go back.

  • Conspiracy Brother: Give me a pillow case, I'm joinin' the Klan.
  • Underover Brother: You know what they say, behind every great black man...

Conspiracy Brother:...Is the police.

Undercover Brother: No.

Smart Brother:A bunch of slow white athletes.

Undercover Brother: No.

White She-devil: A cute butt.

Undercover Brother: No.

Lance: A probable cause.

Undercover Brother: NO!...A strong black woman.

All: Oh.

  • Underover Brother: Where I come from, we like to pronounce our "e"'s and "r"'s.

Conspiracy Brother: "e"'s and "r"'s?

Undercover Brother: If I didn't have my lemon mango guava smoothie, I beat the bejabbers out of you and stick my foot up your patootie. Now if you'll excuse me, "Frasier" is on.

Sistah Girl: Bejabbers?

Conspiracy Brother: He said he would stick his foot up my so-called "patootie".

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