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Undercover Mosque: The Return is a documentary programme produced by the independent television company hardcash productions for the Channel 4 series Dispatches which aired in the UK on 1 September 2008 at 8pm.[1][2].

This program is a sequel to the Undercover Mosque programme broadcast on 15 January 2007 in the UK. The programme uses footage filmed by undercover reporters in UK Mosques and Islamic institutions as well as interviews with Muslim academics and prominent figures. It is reported to contain statements by Islamic preachers espousing violence towards homosexual men, other religions and apostates.[3]


Program content

The programme focused on three institutions in London. [4]

The programme suggests that these organisations are controlled directly or indirectly by the Saudi religious establishment and that they promulgate the Saudi interpretaton of Islam known as Wahhabism.[2]



London Central Mosque

The London Central Mosque has issued a press release reponding to the Dispatches programme on its web site: [5]

Khalid Yasin

One of the people quoted in the program was Khalid Yasin. His videos were found to be on sale in the Regents Park mosque bookshop espousing extremist views such as public beheadings, amputations, lashings and crucifixions. He is quoted in the program as saying ; "and then people can see, people without hands, people can see in public heads rolling down the street, people can see in public people got their hands and feet from opposite sides chopped off and they see them crucified, they see people get punished they see people put up against the pole ?.. and because they see it, it acts as a deterrent for them because they say I don't want that to happen to me".

Yasin published a response to a letter from the producer of the program calling them "hypocritical and exploitive bigots, [you are] audacious liars and opportunistic media vermin" and "unethical [and] merchants of journalistic vomit". [6]

Yasin went on to state that "... the response in its entirety will be broadcast on seventeen television platforms around the world, and made available to hundreds of magazines and periodicals, for their comparison edification. I will utilize my relationship with these media platforms to counter your evil intent. In addition to that, I am challenging "Channel 4 and Hard4Cash (or HardCore) Ltd. to an unedited open-ended interview, to discuss my views and responses to their media productions, past and present! If you do not accept, hundreds of millions viewers will be aware of your one-sided, prejudicial campaigns against Islam and Muslims!"

Yasin has also done a talk, 'Battle of the Minds: Channel 4 vs Shaykh Khalid Yasin' and will be broadcast.[7]


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