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Underworld is a generic term which describes immaterial worlds where the souls of the dead go.

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Underworld (plural Underworlds)

  1. (paganism) A name for the realm of ancestors in Heathenry.


  • 1985 The Wisdom of the Runes, Michael Howard, Rider & Company, ISBN 0 09 159911 3, page 129.
    In Scandinavian mythology the dragon is the guardian of the Underworld on the Norse sacred tree, which is the realm of departed spirits, elementals, elves and faery folk ruled by the goddesses Hel and Freya.
  • 2002 Practical Magic in the Northern Tradition, Nigel Pennick, Thoth Publications, ISBN 1 870450 16 7, page 36.
    At Imbolc, the goddess is transformed from her aged, winter aspect as the Hag, veiled in black, carrying her black rod of barreness as Hela, guardian of the mysteries of death and the Underworld.
  • 2006 The Pathworker's Guide to the Nine Worlds, Raven Kaldera, Asphodel Press, ISBN 978 1 4303-0970-3, page 1.
    I know that the centre of this labyrinth is keyed to the Underworld, the Land of the Dead, but that's not my goal.

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Simple English

The underworld is a term used in many religions and mythologies to refer to the place where people believed they would go after they died, or where their souls would go to after they died.

The underworld is most often thought of in relation to Greek mythology. The Ancient Greeks believed that Hades was the God of the underworld. The Romans called him Pluto, a name which meant “The Wealthy One” because there were lots of minerals under the ground. The most famous story about the underworld is the Greek mythological story of Orpheus and Eurydice.

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