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Undying Ones
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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Doctor Strange vol. 1, #183 (November 1969)
Created by Roy Thomas
Gene Colan
Notable members Nameless One

The Undying Ones are a fictional race found in the Marvel Comics universe. They are a race of non-humanoid demons from another dimension.

Publication history

The Undying Ones were first depicted as statues in Doctor Strange I #183 (November, 1969), by Roy Thomas
Gene Colan. Their first actual appearance was in Sub-Mariner #22 (February 1970).

The Undying Ones subsequently appear in Incredible Hulk #126 (April 1970), Defenders #1-3 (August-December 1972), #18 (December 1974), #20 (February 1975), Incredible Hulk #269 (March 1982), and Doctor Strange #41 (May 1992).

The Undying Ones received an entry in the 'All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #12 (2006).

Fictional history

The Undying Ones once held great power over Earth but were forced to return to their own dimension over a millennium ago when their powers began to fade for unexplained reasons. Their powers having been renewed, the Undying Ones unsuccessfully attempted to invade Earth again in recent years under the leadership of the Nameless One. The dimension of the Undying Ones has since been conquered by the creature known as the Slitherer or the Dark-Crawler.

The Undying Ones have come into conflict with Doctor Strange and the Defenders.

The Undying Ones are led by the Nameless One. "Nameless One" appears to be a title that can be inherited from the previous holder.

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