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Unfabulous cast.jpg
The cast
(from left to right), Kelly, Flanagan, Jow, Roberts, Hagan, and Calloway.
Format Teen sitcom
Created by Sue Rose
Starring Emma Roberts
Malese Jow
Jordan Calloway
Tadhg Kelly
Molly Hagan
Markus Flanagan
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 42 (List of episodes)
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel Nickelodeon
Original run September 12, 2004 (2004-09-12) – December 16, 2007 (2007-12-16)

Unfabulous is an American children's television series on TeenNick about an "unfabulous" junior high school student, played by Emma Roberts. The show, which debuted in Autumn 2004, is one of the most-watched programs in the United States among children between the age of 9 and 14[1] and was created by Sue Rose, who previously created the animated television series Pepper Ann and Angela Anaconda.

The series was supposed to end on December 16, 2007 with the third season being the last, but there are still a few episodes to air.[2]

Reruns of the show ended on Nickelodeon in January 2008, the show will return in reruns on Nickelodeon beginning in June 2008. The show is now airing reruns on TeenNick.

The show's theme song is performed by Jill Sobule, who also writes the songs for the series. All the episode titles start with the word "The".



Unfabulous main character is a 13-year-old girl seventh grader (14-year-old eighth grader in third season) Addie Singer (Emma Roberts), who writes songs about her life in junior high school. Her best friends are Geena Fabiano (Malese Jow), who is interested in fashion and designs her own clothes, and the environmentally-committed school basketball player Zack Cartershawrtz (Jordan Calloway). They all attend Rocky Road Middle School in an unspecified East Coast city. However in episode 34 "The Birthday" when Addie receives a letter from when she was 8 years old the address is listed as "Pinecrest, PA". Addie's older brother Ben (Tadhg Kelly) works at Juice, a smoothie bar where Addie and her friends often hang out after school.

Throughout the first season, Addie obsesses about her crush on Jake Behari[3] (Raja Fenske), who already has a girlfriend. For the majority of the second season, however, Addie is dating Randy Klein (Evan Palmer). They break up towards the end of the season and Addie realizes that she still likes Jake. The made-for-TV movie Unfabulous: The Perfect Moment focused on Addie and Jake getting together although Jake will be gone for the rest of the summer in Canada.

All episodes from the first and the second season (including The Perfect Moment) have been available for download in the iTunes Store in the U.S. since fall 2006.


Main cast

Recurring cast


Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 13 September 12, 2004 March 6, 2005
2 15 September 10, 2005 April 16, 2006
3 13 August 10, 2007 December 16, 2007


Along with the start of the second season in September 2005, Nickelodeon also began selling different types of Unfabulous-related merchandise, beginning with the album Unfabulous and More (see Soundtrack below). In November 2005 the album was followed by two books tying into the show, Keepin' It Real (ISBN 0-439-79666-0) and Split Ends (ISBN 0-439-80179-6), both written by Robin Wasserman, and the first items in a line of clothes based on Addie's wardrobe on the show.[5] Two more books were released in February 2006, Starstruck (ISBN 0-439-83157-1) and Jinxed! (ISBN 0-439-83158-X).

Before the launch of the third season, a video game based on the show was released for the Game Boy Advance by THQ on September 25, 2006.[6]


Unfabulous and More album cover.

On September 27, 2005, shortly after the premiere of the show's second season, Columbia Records and Nick Records released the album Unfabulous and More, which serves as both the show's soundtrack and as Emma Roberts' debut album.

The album includes several original songs (among them "Dummy" and "I Wanna Be", both of which were also released as music videos, "I Have Arrived", and "This Is Me", which was co-written by Roberts), as well as some of Addie's songs from the first season (however in newly recorded versions), including "Punch Rocker" and "New Shoes" (both from the episode "The Party"), "94 Weeks (Metal Mouth Freak)" (from "The Bar Mitzvah") and "Mexican Wrestler" (which had previously appeared on Jill Sobule's 2000 album Pink Pearl and in the Unfabulous episode "The 66th Day").

The album peaked at #46 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers.[7]

DVD releases

One episode of Unfabulous, season one's "The Little Sister", was released on DVD — on TEENick Picks 1, released in April 2006, together with episodes of Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, and Romeo!.

Title Release date Episodes
The Complete 1st Season September 5, 2008[8] (USA) 1-13
Three-disc release, all 13 episodes, available just on Amazon.com, as a "CreateSpace" program of "Burn-On-Demand" DVDs[9].
Title Release date Episodes
The Complete 2nd Season September 5, 2008[10] (USA) 14-26
Three-disc release, all 13 episodes, available just on Amazon.com, as a "CreateSpace" program of "Burn-On-Demand" DVDs[9].

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