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Unforgotten Realms
Genre Animated
Creator Robert Moran
Starring Robert Moran
Country Canada
Language English
No. of episodes 46

The animated series Unforgotten Realms presents a humorous take on the world of table-top gaming. It is the tale of two friends, Eluamous Nailo and Sir Schmoopy, who are presented with the quest to save Schmoopy's dying grandmother. These two characters are played by their "real-life" counterparts, Mike and Rob, respectively. It can be found featured on the Escapist Magazine website. As of Thursday, October 1, 2009, Unforgotten Realms has been put on hiatus until enough money is collected to support the series. Season 3 should resume right after the New Year, and will come out on every Friday.


Major Characters

Sir Schmoopy (Rob)

The show's main protagonist. Rob, the human, plays Sir Schmoopy of Awesometon, the lovable dwarf of many classes. Originally starting as a lumberjack (much to Mike's chagrin), he instead was a sorcerer modeled after "the Greatest Sorcerer of all time: Abraham Lincoln[1]." Later in the series, after losing his body multiple times, he instead took over the body of James, an assassin modeled after Altaïr from Assassin's Creed, and currently uses that class. Schmoopy is never afraid to bend the rules to meet his goals, thus being the cause of his Sins of the Unforgotten.

Eluamous Nailo (Mike)

Rob's friend and companion of the adventure. Mike is the dungeon master for the game, however he has very little control as Rob and Timmy are usually interfering. Eluamous is a wizard in the first season, but in the second season he took over the body of Steven Stevenson, a half elf sorcerer and James Jingalo's step brother. He usually bails the pair out of trouble. Despite his lack of a monocle, Eluamous is the more experienced, and his ambiguous sexuality is a constant butt of the jokes in the show. During Eluamous' arena fight with Elizabeth Cacklebird, Eluamous took the alias of Wigglytuff.


An NPC in Eluamos' and Schmoopy's party. At first hired to track down Schmoopy for his crimes, he and Gary eventually joined the party. Often depicted as the mentally challenged of the group, despite being a Rank Eleven Crime Solving Paladin, he can have valuable insight from time to time and is a classic character. In the final episode of Season 2, he was turned into a statue for "a dozen lifetimes[2]." Since then, throughout Season Three, it has been declared that "He's dead". It has been speculated that he can be brought back if put into the sunlight for a few hours as for an inexplicable reason the spell used on him is affected heavily by sunlight, moonlight is currently unknown.


Gaary is Roamin's companion. He is paid with blueberries to follow around Roamin singing a theme song for him. He is a druid as Mike and Rob could not decide on an appropriate class for him. Later in the series he takes over the form of The Arbiter from Halo (Series).


Jacque is an axe enchanted by "Madame Powerful Enchantress of This Town". Schmoopy is supposed to deliver him to a guard however he ends up scaring away the guard by making it talk. It glows blue when enemies are near or as Jacque says "I glow when I'm horny." Later on Jacque gets the ability to mind control things, and use basic spells, such as healing (most likely a result of Rob's rule bending). When Schmoopy and Nailo travel to the Wizarding school Hogwats, it is revealed that Jacque is actually a Believer by the name of "Monsieur La Strap" who becomes trapped in the form of an axe after Sir Schmoopy casts the "Reversal Memoryno" spell, wiping Jacque's memory.


Petey (also spelled P. Tea in the original series) is an undead dire rat who befriends Sir Schmoopy. Later in the show she is revealed to actually be female not male. Her most common attack in fighting is to poison the enemies. It's later revealed (Or earlier because of time travel) that Petey was an arena champion in her past life under the title of "Elizabeth Cacklebird".


Rob's younger brother. He originally wants to join the party, but after Mike says that he is too young to play, he causes problems for the party under the alias "Timmy the Evil", and eventually gets to play with Rob and Mike more directly. One example of the trouble he causes is giving them a loaded d20 with Pokémon on every side that represent numbers. When the heroes go to the past in season 3, it is revealed that Timmy the Evil was really Timmy the Super Nice Guy until Schmoopy used the Hex of Alignment spell thinking that it would change him from evil to good while it really changed him from good to evil.


The main antagonist of the series. He usually speaks in rhyming couplets, however he will occasionally say lines such as "Oh shit" that do not rhyme. In episode 29 Enter the Dragon Warrior, he completely drops the element of rhyming. At first he is thought to be a kobold, but in episode 12 (The first season's finale) Ursa Arcadious Arch Duke of the High Bears hints that he is an ogre with this quote "You dare insult me tiny ogre... I will enjoy your swift death". In series two, it reveals that he is a cross between an ogre and a kobold. As of the latest season, it is revealed the Timmy has transformed him into "Maelstrom0" who is much stronger. (all his stats had zeros added to the end)


Introduced in season 3, Douglass was fallen upon by Schmoopy, rendering him dead, until Schmoopy granted him a drop of the potion of endless life. Douglass then joined the party as Schmoopy's squire. He is later found out to be the son of the king in this time, and is sent to Hogwats with Schmoopy and Eluamous, where he ages at an incredibly fast rate, making fun of how the characters at Harry Potter grew up at the same speed. At school he constantly fails at casting spells, but that will supposedly make him immune.

Deligoth Nador

The grand sorcerer of the land, and headmaster of Hogwats, Deligoth Nador is a believer, and the creator of the 7 Nador Gems. When these gems are together, he exists, but when they are apart, he vanishes. Deligoth was good, until Timmy the Super Nice Guy became Timmy the Evil, who stabbed him with a dagger imbued with the hex of alignment, rendering him evil.

Professor Walrus

A Professor of quite a high rank. He is the assistant to Timmy's alias 'Timmy the Evil' and usually remarks to Timmy the Evil's evil schemes with the words "My God, Timmy... that's... so... eeeviiiiiiiiiiil!" Although, in episode 14,he says to Timmy after he suggests in giving our heroes another Nador Gem very easily this; "My God, Timmy...that's... not really that eeviiiiil." to which Timmy replies, "How about we guard it with some very strong monsters?" "Well... my GOD, Timmy... that's SO EEVIIIIIIL!". In Episode 33, he gives his backstory for the first time saying "I'm a talking walrus who went to school and got a degree in social science and mass murder".

Sins of the Unforgotten

Sins of the Unforgotten is a concept that was introduced in Season One, when one of the episodes ended with the words and a red slash underneath them. The first "sin" is committed by Sir Schmoopy in episode 6 during/after the fight with the ogre, where he complains of a pain in his chest, similar to a heart attack[3]. More sins are committed during the show, each having the same condition of excruciating pain in the chest and fainting. It is alluded to throughout the show by Mike, but is never really directly explained until near the end of Season 3. According to Schmoopy and Nailo, Sins of the Unforgotten corrupt the character from within and cannot be reversed once committed. The number of sins committed by a person can be seen indicated by red slashes on their wrist. A person is only allowed up to five Sins of the Unforgotten, whereby after committing the fifth, their body is taken over by an evil immortal guardian(s) of the realm[4]. The Sins are cheating outside the game. Rob/Schmoopy's sins are blowing on the dice, moving Roamin's piece, looking in Mike's plan book, and ripping Timmy the Evil's character sheet. Mike/Eluamous's sin is making Rob roll the rigged Pokemon d20 they got from Timmy the Evil when he knows it is rigged to roll ones or rather, "Bulbasaur's"

Seven Nador Gems

The Seven Nador Gems each have their own ability

The Crystal of Change

Absorbs the soul of one and replaces it with another.

The Crystal of Absorb

Absorbs the powers of ones fallen enemies.

The Crystal of Talent

Allows one to change their class. It also allows them to learn or remove skills or spells the class may learn.

The others are currently unknown.

Other Forms of Unforgotten Realms

Web Comic

The first Unforgotten Realms comic premiered on November 3, 2009. It follows Sir Schmoopy and Elumous Nailos on a quest that is unrelated to the one in the show. The comics are supposed to come out every Tuesday and Thursday.

Unforgotten Quest

Unforgotten Quest is a game that Robert Moran has been working on on and off for a few years. It will take place in the world of Unforgotten Realms. Starting November 9, 2009, Rob will have a live stream of him working on the game every Monday. People who Pre-order the Season 1 DVD might receive the "key" to beta test the game, however it is undecided at the moment.


The characters Roamin and Gaary are based on Rob's friends of the same names. Every Wednesday starting November 18, 2009, the real life Roamin and Gaary will do a podcast.

Classics,Specials, and Other Shows

The 8 classic episodes, as well as the classic Christmas special, the Fan Episode, the new "Hallobolleen"(Halloween) special, and other videos made by Rob Moran can be found at


Unforgotten Realms is created by Robert Moran. He writes, voices, and animates the entire show by himself. His production company, Witty Wizard, has produced several other RPG based comedies including Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story and Time Gnomes[5].

Web Release

Unforgotten Realms was previously hosted on The Escapist, with episodes being released every Thursday. The show is currently on hiatus due to lack of funding. Prior to that the show was available on the official site[6] , Newgrounds and YouTube.


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