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Unidad Especial de Intervención
Spanish UEI 01.jpg
Active February 3, 1982 -
Country Spain
Branch Gendarmerie
Type Special Forces
Role Hostage crisis, Counter-terrorism
Part of Guardia Civil
Motto Celeritas et Subtilitas Patrio
Speed and Precision for the Fatherland

The Unidad Especial de Intervención (English: Special Intervention Unit, UEI) is the emergency response unit of the Spanish Guardia Civil. Its motto is Celeritas et Subtilitas Patrio.

The unit was created on February 3, 1982. It comprises approximately fifty people,[citation needed] admitted after a rigorous selection procedure at the Special Training Centre (established on 6 August 1980), where candidates also receive intensive training in special tactics. The UEI's equipment is among the most modern and sophisticated in the Spanish security services[citation needed], and includes: Ruger 44 revolvers, Glock pistols , Uzi and Heckler & Koch submachine guns, Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Sniper rifles, Heckler & Koch G41 Winchester sniper rifles with telescopic sights. On operations UEI personnel wear black uniforms; otherwise, for security reasons, they wear nothing that identifies them as unit members.[citation needed]

The scope of UEI operations and total number of personnel are unknown. But it is known that the unit has participated in operations against terrorism.[citation needed] One of its first operations was an assault on a prison following the kidnapping of 6 prison workers by 5 inmates.[citation needed]


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