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PSUC foundation poster
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The PSUC (Partit Socialista Unificat de Catalunya, Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia), was formed on July 23, 1936 through the unification of four left-wing groups, namely the Catalan Federation of PSOE, Partit Comunista de Catalunya (Communist Party of Catalonia, the Catalan branch of Communist Party of Spain, PCE), Unió Socialista de Catalunya (Socialist Union of Catalonia) and Partit Català Proletari (Proletarian Catalan Party).

The PSUC played a major role during the days of the Second Spanish Republic and the Spanish Civil War, and was the only regional party affiliated to Comintern. The PCE did not organize in Catalonia, but saw PSUC as its Catalan referent. This setup has been replicated by other Catalan communist groups. The setup is somewhat similar to the relation between the German CDU and CSU.

During the Francisco Franco regime (see Spain under Franco), PSUC was outlawed and remained active clandestinely and in exile. PSUC was the largest opposition party in Catalonia and upon the fall of the regime it became a mass party.

In 1977, during the Spanish transition to democracy, PSUC was legalized. Gradually, PCE and PSUC started going in separate directions: PSUC became involved in Iniciativa per Catalunya (IC), and gradually ceased functioning as a separate party. When PSUC was completely submerged into IC in 1997, a group of hardliners refounded the party as PSUC viu (Living PSUC). PSUC viu became the new referent of PCE in Catalonia.

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