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Union Solingen
Union Solingen.png
Full name 1. Fussball Club Union Solingen e.V.
Founded 1949
Ground Stadion am Hermann-Löns-Weg
(Capacity: 15,000)
Chairman Andreas Sonius
Manager Thomas Brdarić
League Verbandsliga Niederrhein (VI)
2008-09 2nd
Home colours
Away colours

Union Solingen is a German football club that plays in Solingen, North Rhine-Westphalia.



The side can trace its roots back to an earlier Union Soligen club founded in 1897 out of the merger of a number of clubs from the district of Ohligs that would over time include Ohligs FC 06, VfR Ohligs, Walder Ballspielverein, and BV Adler Ohligs. Of the club's predecessor sides only VfR Ohligs would distinguish itself with any time spent in first division football when they played the 1940-41 season in the Gauliga Niederrhein before being relegated on the heels of last place finish.

Logo of VfR Ohligs ca. 1930.

In 1949, after World War II, the club was re-formed as Union Ohligs and began play in the 2nd Oberliga West (Gruppe 2). By the early 70s they were playing in the Amateurliga Niederrhein (III). A 1973 merger with VfL Wald Ohligs 1897 led to the formation of a club that played in the Regionalliga Nord (II) as Ohligs SC Solingen for a single season before being relegated. Re-named SG Union Solingen the next year, the team earned promotion to the 2.Bundesliga-Nord by the middle of the decade. They would stay fourteen seasons in the professional ranks with their best finishes being a fifth and sixth in 1984-85. Solingen returned to the Amateur-Oberliga Nordrhein (III) in 1989: by this time the club was suffering financially and would soon be bankrupt.

Club logo ca. 1990.

The current club was formed as 1. FC Union Solingen in 1990 and took up play in the Verbandsliga Niederrhein (IV). The team has experienced several promotions and relegations and currently plays in the Verbandsliga Niederrhein, which is now a fifth tier circuit.

Former Coaches

  • Frank Zilles (2007-2009)
  • Harald Becker (2007)
  • Eddy Malura (2006-2007)
  • Sven Demandt (2003-2006)
  • Bernd Klotz (2002-2003)
  • Olaf Rosenthal (2000-2002)
  • Gerd Zewe (1999-2000)
  • Manfred Krafft (1986-1987)
  • Eckhard Krautzun (1983)
  • Erhard Ahmann † (1981-1982)
  • Gerhard Prokop † (1980-1981)
  • Horst Franz (1977-1980)
  • Manfred Krafft (1970-1971)

Former Players

Famous Players


Notable Players

  • Agon Balaj
  • Adnan Gashi
  • Oscar Bizarro Ferreira
Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Armin Hasancic
  • Senad Musa
  • Adnan Spago
  • Dylan Nyambe
  • Mile Bozic
  • Michael Habljak
  • Stefan Osman
Czech Republic
  • Patrick Herman
  • Danny Kluczny
  • Dennis Prostka
  • David Respondek
  • Miguel Lopez-Torres
  • Michael Kyei
  • Djavily Beavogui
  • Minas Hantzidis
  • Christos Karakitsos
  • Panagiotis Liountris
  • Georgios Theodorakakis
  • Sascha Ambrico
  • Domenico Cozza
  • Michele Fasanelli
  • Lucio Gaballo
  • Alessandro Giacchi
  • Giovanni Pizzo
  • Sebastiano Pollicita
  • Giancarlo Russo
  • Matteo Russo
  • Victor Kemnitz
  • Lurad Jaha
Republic of Macedonia
  • Samet Atulahi
  • Tose Cuskarevski
  • Benjamin Hakiri
  • Sammy Hakiri
  • Sinisa Nedeljkovic
  • Farid Quass
  • Redouan Yotla
  • Gabriel Czajor
  • Thomas Galewski
  • Florian Kaninski
  • Enrico Kowski
  • Stefan Kratofiel
  • Dennis Malura
  • Aljoscha Matuszek
  • Dennis Prostka
  • Andreas Przybilla
  • Samuel Sibilski
  • Jaroslaw Stankiewicz
  • Mathias Szczygiel
  • Dawid Wagner
  • Bartosz Wojtalik
  • Bastian Zarnekow
  • Boubacar Diop
  • Sasa Disic
  • Fabian Kiwall
  • Dirk Ysewyn
  • Erkan Ari
  • Murat Aydin
  • Ertan Bülbül
  • Ilker Cantadurucu
  • Burak Dagdelen
  • Deniz Dogan
  • Nadir Düzgün
  • Kemal Ertin
  • Emrah Eyüboglu
  • Ahmet Gökbayrak
  • Özkan Gümüs
  • Burak Kamat
  • Atabey Kaplan
  • Serdar Özdemir
  • Ertan Sahin
  • Hakan Simsek
  • Fatih Taskin
  • Vedat-Murat Turgay
  • Gökan Türkhan
  • Ugur Yakar
  • Berkan Yildirim


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