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Union for Trentino
Leader Lorenzo Dellai
Secretary Marco Tanas
President Flavia Fontana
Founded 7 June 2008
Headquarters Via Lunelli, 64
38100 Trento
Newspaper none
Membership unknown
Ideology Regionalism, Centrism,
Christian democracy
International affiliation none
European affiliation none
European Parliament Group currently no MEPs
Coalition with PD, PATT, UDC
Politics of Italy
Political parties

The Union for Trentino (Unione per il Trentino, UpT) is a regionalist centrist and Christian-democratic political party active in the Province of Trento, Italy. The party is currently led by Marco Tanas.

The party has its roots in the experience of Daisy Civic List and was founded on 7 June 2008.

The Daisy was a regionalist party emerged in 1998 and was taken as example by Francesco Rutelli when he launched Democracy is Freedom – The Daisy (DL) at the national level, with the Trentino Daisy as provincial section. In 2008, after that DL had merged with the Democrats of the Left in order to form the Democratic Party (PD), the Daisy divided itself among those who wanted to continue an autonomous path from national parties and those who wanted to establish the provincial section of the PD. The "regionalist" wing of the Daisy, led by Lorenzo Dellai, long-time leader of the party and President of the Province of Trento since 1998, formed the UpT.




Formation and foundation

After the defeat of the centre-left in Trentino in the 2008 general election[1], the Daisy Civic List was divided among those who wanted to continue on the road toward the consolidation of the regionalist party and those who wanted to establish the provincial section of the Democratic Party (PD) along with the local Democrats of the Left.[2][3][4] On 30 April the party decided both the merger into PD and the creation of a new regional party, supported by both Lorenzo Dellai and Giorgio Lunelli, federated with it, as.[5][6]

The Daisy thus suffered the separation of the "Democrats" from the "regionalists".[7] Lunelli, supported by former Senator Mauro Betta and eight provincial deputies out of twelve, decided to take part to the foundation of the regionalist party, while Senator Claudio Molinari and Deputy Letizia De Torre decided to join the PD.[8]

The new regionalist party, named Union for Trentino, was launched on 7 June[9][10], while the provincial PD was established on 8 June with the primary election for the first provincial secretary: Alberto Pacher.[11] On 15 July Marco Tanas, a 35-years old former Socialist, was elected secretary of the party, while Flavia Fontana was appointed president.[12]

In the 2008 provincial election Dellai was re-elected President of the Province. The UpT gained 17.9% of the vote and six seats in the Provincial Council.[13]

Playing a role in the national stage?

In the autumn of 2009 the UpT played an active role at the national level. On 20 October the party formed an alliance, the so-called "Union for the North", with several regional parties and civic lists, including the "Civic Network of Veneto", "Centre-Left for Lombardy", the Friulian "Citizens" and Elvio Ubaldi's "Civic List for Parma".[14][15] On 28 October Dellai presented in Rome a new centrist association, Change and Good Government, along with Massimo Cacciari, Francesco Rutelli, Linda Lanzillotta, Bruno Tabacci and Elvio Ubaldi.[16][17]

While he is increasingly engaged at the national level, Dellai is also active in Trentino and within the framework of the Euroregion Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino. In a interview he pressed forward toward a provincial federation with the Trentino Tyrolean Autonomist Party and the local Union of Christian and Centre Democrats, while he also hinted that the UpT would form a sister party both in the Province of Bolzano and in Tyrol.[18]


  • Secretary: Marco Tanas (2008–...)
  • President: Flavia Fontana (2008–...)



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