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The Union of Young Fascists – Vanguard (Russian: Союз Юных Фашисток — Авангард, Soyuz Yunykh Fashistok — Avangard) was the young women's youth organization of the Russian Fascist Party. It was founded in 1934 in Harbin, and was open to Russian girls aged 10 to 16 years.

The main objective of the Union was "the preparation of the national-minded Russian young women's and girls to responsible national service based on religion, nationalism and work".

The ideology and tactics of the Union were entirely determined by those of the Russian Fascist Party. Membership was obtained on recommendation of an existing member of the Vanguard, or a member of the senior Russian Fascist Party.

The Union was divided into two groups: Junior (10 to 13 years) and Senior (13 to 16 years). Each group was divided into two categories: Second Level (Young Fascist) First Level (Avangardistki).

Commanding posts in the Union were the Senior Source, the Senior District Commander and Senior Divisional Commander.

The lowest structural unit in the Union was the "Focus", a group of 5 people. Several of these near to each other formed a District, and together with other suburban areas or units otherwise related formed a Department. The head of the girl's Vanguard young was appointed by the head of the Russian Fascist Party, the others were appointed by their respective commanders.

The uniform consisted of a white blouse with a black tie and a black skirt.[1]


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