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1847 · members United Kingdom members · 1857
United Kingdom general election, 1852
All 654 seats to the House of Commons
7–31 July 1852
First party Second party
14th Earl of Derby.jpg Lord john russell.jpg
Leader The Earl of Derby Lord John Russell
Party Conservative Whig
Leader since July 1846 October 1842
Leader's seat Earl of Derby City of London
Last election 325 seats, 42.7% 292 seats, 53.8%
Seats won 330 324
Seat change +5 +32
Popular vote 311,481 430,882
Percentage 44.9% 57.9%

Previous PM
Lord Derby

Subsequent PM
Lord Derby

1847 election
1852 election
1857 election

The 1852 UK general election was close in terms of both the popular vote and number of seats won by the main two parties. As in the previous election, Lord John Russell's Whigs won the popular vote, but the Conservative party won a very slight majority of the seats. The split between Protectionist Tories, led by the Earl of Derby and the Peelites made the formation of a majority government very difficult. Lord Derby's minority Protectionist government soon collapsed, bringing about a Peelite-Whig coalition government under Lord Aberdeen, one of the leading Peelites, which collapsed during the Crimean War.



UK General Election 1852
Candidates Votes
Party Standing Elected Gained Unseated Net  % of total  % No. Net %
  Conservative 461 330 + 5 41.9 311,481 - 0.5
  Whig 488 324 + 32 57.9 430,882 + 4.1
  Chartist 4 0 0 1 - 1 0.2 1,541 + 0.1

Note that while the Conservatives had, in theory, a slim majority over the Whigs, the party was divided between Protectionist and Peelite wings, of which the former numbered about 290 and the latter 35-40. The Whigs themselves represented a coalition of Whigs, Liberals, Radicals, and Irish nationalists. The above numbers should not, therefore, do not represent the true balance of support in parliament. Total votes cast: 743,904


Voting summary

Popular vote
Whig and allies

Seats summary

Parliamentary seats
Whig and allies

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