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1857 · members United Kingdom members · 1865
United Kingdom general election, 1859
All 654 seats to the House of Commons
28 April–18 May 1859
First party Second party
Palmerston.jpg 14th Earl of Derby.jpg
Leader The Viscount Palmerston The Earl of Derby
Party Whig Conservative
Leader since 6 February 1855 July 1846
Leader's seat Tiverton Earl of Derby
Last election 377 seats, 65.9% 264 seats, 34.0%
Seats won 356 298
Seat change -21 +34
Popular vote 372,117 193,232
Percentage 65.7% 34.3%

Previous PM
Lord Derby

Subsequent PM
Lord Palmerston

1857 election
1859 election
1865 election

In the 1859 United Kingdom general election, the Whigs, led by Lord Palmerston, held their majority in the House of Commons over the Earl of Derby's Conservatives. This election is also considered to be the first to be contested by the Liberal Party - a name unofficially adopted to cover the alliance of Whigs, Peelites, Radicals and Irish Brigade who had previously voted against the Derby administration in the House of Commons that had led to the election. It was also the last general election entered by the Chartists, before their organisation was dissolved.


UK General Election 1859
Candidates Votes
Party Standing Elected Gained Unseated Net  % of total  % No. Net %
  Whig 298 356 - 21 65.7 372,117 - 0.2
  Conservative 394 298 + 34 34.3 193,232 + 0.3
  Chartist 1 0 0 0 0 0.0 151 - 0.1

Total votes cast: 565,500




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