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UN Security Council
Resolution 664
Date: 18 August 1990
Meeting no.: 2,937
Code: S/RES/664 (Document)

Vote: For: 15 Abs.: 0 Against: 0
Subject: Iraq-Kuwait
Result: Adopted

Security Council composition in 1990:
permanent members:


non-permanent members:

Kuwait city cityscape.jpg
Kuwait City

United Nations Security Council Resolution 664, adopted unanimously on August 18, 1990, reaffirming resolutions 660 (1990), 661 (1990) and 662 (1990), the Council recalled Iraq's obligations under international law and acting under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, demanded that Iraq permit and facilitate the departure of nationals from third countries from within Iraq and Kuwait, calling for consular and diplomatic access to the third state nationals.

The Council went on to demand that Iraq take no action that would jeopardise the safety of the nationals, reaffirming that the annexation of Kuwait is illegal, therefore demanding that Iraq rescind its orders to close consular and diplomatic missions in Kuwait and the removal of diplomatic immunity of their personnel. Thousands of foreigners were in Iraq and Kuwait at the time of the Iraqi invasion,[1] and the Council denounced Iraq's decision to use foreign nationals as "human shields" at strategic sites.[2]

Resolution 664 finally requested the Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar to report on the compliance with the current resolution as soon as possible.

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