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UN Security Council
Resolution 677
Date: 28 November 1990
Meeting no.: 2,962
Code: S/RES/677 (Document)

Vote: For: 15 Abs.: 0 Against: 0
Subject: Iraq-Kuwait
Result: Adopted

Security Council composition in 1990:
permanent members:


non-permanent members:

Kuwaiti civilians

United Nations Security Council Resolution 677, adopted unanimously on November 28, 1990, after recalling resolutions 660 (1990), 662 (1990) and 674 (1990), the Council condemned attempts by Iraq to alter the demographic information of Kuwait and the restrictions on the movement of its citizens.[1]

Acting under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, the Council also condemned attempts by Iraq to destroy civil records maintained by the Government of Kuwait. Therefore, the resolution mandated the Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar to take custody of a population register of Kuwait that has been certified by the "legitimate Government of Kuwait" and which covers the population register untli August 1, 1990. It also asked the Secretary-General and the Kuwaiti government to establish a set of rules and regulations governing access to the register.

The resolution was adopted in anticipation of the disappearance of Kuwaitis or the influx of non-Kuwaitis as a result of Iraqi policy in the occupied country.[2]

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